SPECIAL OFFER: Phonak C&C Line Disinfectant (Assepto) Wipes – 2 x Pack of 25 For £12

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Phonak wet cleaning tissues are disinfectant wipes for your hearing aids and ear-mould.

The cleaning wipes come individually wrapped with 25 supplied in a box. They can be used on all types of hearing device and ear-mould to remove bacteria, fungi and are effective against hepatitis B.

Brand : Phonak

This product Includes : 2 x Box 25 Phonak Wet Cleansing Tissues





Simply clean your hearing system and ear-mould with the C&C Wipe.

Using C&C Wipes:

To use the wipes, simply remove one from the foil packaging and rub the hearing device or ear-mould gently. After one minute rub dry with an absorbent cloth to make sure the hearing device is completely dry before inserting the hearing aid back inside the ear.

Once the wipe is removed from the foil packaging it needs to be used immediately as the wipe will become dry and less effective.

Top Tip: Always make sure that your fingers/hands are clean and dry before touching your hearing aid. The microphone openings are very small and may be blocked very easily with small dirt particles.

Bacteria Fighting Properties:

Phonak C&C Cleansing Wipes are disinfectant wipes for hearing systems and ear-mould.  Effective against bacteria, fungi and hepatitis B.

Behind the ear aids recommended use every other day, in the ear aids recommended use every day – As a result, keeping the health of your aids at peak performance.

Alcohol, solvents and cleaning agents may damage the devices. In order for your hearing aids to function properly, the devices themselves and the ear-mould must always be free of earwax or other deposits.

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