Hearing Aid Accessories Premium Gift Box


Give the gift of hearing with this premium gift box.

Includes a huge variety of universal hearing aid accessories inside! Worth over £60.00 in value but you only pay £34.99 for this special bundle.

Choose your desired colour of hearing aid cases from the drop down below, and we will do the rest.

Order by 21st December 2020 for Royal Mail UK 1st class delivery, ready for Christmas Day.

Includes: Shortbread Biscuits 100g, Candy Cane Sweet, Mini Zip Hearing Aid Case, Branded Mug, Face Mask Protector, Clean Tablets, Cleansing Beaker, Cleansing Wipes, Stick n Stay’s, Hearing Aid Battery Stick, Hearing Aid Battery Holder Case, 3 in 1 Cleaning Brush’s, GN Resound Ball Point Pen, GN Resound Post it Notes, Voucher Pack for Hearing Aid Accessories & a Charity Donation.


Each gift box comes in a white cardboard gift box and includes the tissue paper wrapping inside to make this gift ready to go!

Each purchase of our Premium Gift Box also donates £1.00 to our Charity, UK Veterans Hearing Foundation.

Along with all the fantastic universal hearing aid accessories you will also receive a voucher pack to use on your next order with us.

Vouchers Including:

  • FREE UK 1st Class Delivery on your next order*
  • 5% OFF when you spend £50 or more*
  • 10% OFF when you spend £150 or more*

*T&C’s Apply

Inside the Gift Box:

  • x1 Mini Zip Hearing Aid Case

Hard zipped carry case for your hearing aids available in various colours. Help keep your hearing aid and its accessories safe.

  • x1 Phonak C&C Cleansing Beaker:

The Phonak C&C Cleansing Beaker can be used with the C&C Cleaning Tablets to fully clean your hearing aid moulds and keep them free from bacteria.

  • x8 Phonak C&C Cleansing Tablets, individually wrapped

Phonak C&C Clean Tablet is a specialist cleaning tablet to be used with the C&C Cleansing Beaker. It uses active oxygen for the removal of stains and to disinfect the hearing aid mould.

  • X3 Phonak C&C Cleansing Wipes, individually wrapped. 

They can be used on all types of hearing device and earmolds to remove bacteria, fungi and are effective against hepatitis B.

  • x2 pairs of Phonak Stick n Stay Sticker Pads, individually wrapped

Clear sticky pads designed to comfortably hold your hearing aids in place for up to 8 hours.

  • x1 Rayovac Hearing Aid Battery Magnet Stick

Pen sized portable storage for your hearing aid batteries. Allows for easy insertion and removal of hearing aid batteries. Perfect for those with limited dexterity.

  • x1 Rayovac Hearing Aid Battery Holder Case

A handy and convenient battery holder for carrying your spare hearing aid batteries discreetly. Complete with a key chain allowing you to keep the holder safely on a key ring or to hang onto a bag.

  •  x2 3 in 1 Cleaning Brush’s

Multipurpose hearing aid cleaning brush. Each brush includes a wax loop ideal maintaining wax and debris, and magnet for removing your batteries.

  • x1 Face Mask Protector

This handy little strap can help you be more comfortable with your hearing aids. Designed to change where the facemask straps lay on your head it is the perfect solution, especially if you are going to an audiologist who may have to look at your hearing aids or your ear.

  • Shortbread Biscuits 100g, x1 Candy Cane Sweet, x1 Hearing Aid Accessories Branded Mug, x1 GN Resound Ball Point Pen, & pack of GN Resound Post it Notes. 

Additional information

Hearing Aid Case Colour

Red, Purple, Light Pink, Dark Pink, Black, Green, Blue


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