Oticon ConnectClip – Wireless Microphone & Headset

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The Oticon ConnectClip is a must-have accessory for users of compatible Oticon hearing aids. The multi-function gadget can be used to connect to mobile phones, tablets, and modern computers/laptops. Also, whilst being able to function as a remote microphone and remote control to stream hands-free phonecalls and music.

Also connecting you to your Oticon Phone Adapter 2.0.

Brand : Oticon

This product Includes : 1 x Oticon Connect Clip, 1x Lanyard long, 1x Lanyard regular, 1x Pouch, 1x Mains Charger, 1x USB Charger Cable, 1x User Guide.

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Small and unobtrusive yet stylish too, the ConnectClip is full of the technology to make everyday life that bit easier. Suitable for use by adults and children alike. When the ConnectClip is switched on but not streaming from an audio source, it can be used as a remote control for your hearing aids.

You can use it to change the volume, program or mute the sound completely with the ConnectClip. This is a much more discreet way of adjusting your hearing aids. It is also ideal for those who have limited mobility and/or dexterity who may find reaching up to their hearing aids difficult.


  • Connects your hearing aids with your mobile phone, tablet or a Bluetooth enabled computer/laptop. Using a Bluetooth low energy connection, stream calls and media as your hearing aids will become a wireless headset.
  • Remote/partner microphone – For improving your listening experience in noisy environments or when a speaker is at a distance in a work or education setting.
  • Remote control – A simple way to adjust your hearing aid volume or programming settings without having to reach up to your ears.
  • Use alongside the Oticon Phone Adapter 2.0 to stream and control calls from your landline telephone.

In the busy and noisy world we live in, an extra boost whilst blocking out annoying background noises is always welcome. This can be achieved with the remote/partner microphone function, which can help lots of different types of lifestyles and has a range of up to 20metres. It creates a direct link between the microphone in the ConnectClip and your hearing aids. Whether worn by a speaker at the conference or by your partner in a busy restaurant, you can be sure to hear the speech you want and not the competing sounds. Does your child have Oticon hearing aids? The ConnectClip can be hugely beneficial for communication within the family. E.g. make conversations between front and back of the car easier by clipping the ConnectClip to your shirt before you set off.

Pairing the ConnectClip:

Full pairing instruction is provided in the clearly written user guide. Once paired to your hearing aids and mobile device, you can enjoy the direct streaming of crisp, clear audio from phone calls as well as music, podcasts, films and any other media you play from your mobile device. You will be alerted to a call by a ring indicator in your hearing aids and can answer calls with the short press of a single button on the ConnectClip and can reject a call with a long press. It could not be simpler.

Product Features:

  • LED light displays different colours to indicate status, including battery charge status
  • The ConnectClip will pair to up to 8 devices using Bluetooth technology
  • Charges by microUSB charging cable to mains
  • Rotating clip
  • Volume Control & Mute Mode
  • Accept or Reject incoming call buttons
  • up to 20 Meter Range
  • When being used as a remote/partner microphone, the ConnectClip will be unable to connect with a mobile phone, therefore calls will not be able to be taken with it.
  • For the connection to work, the maximum distance between the ConnectClip and your hearing aids should be no more than 2 metres.
  • Wipeable – do not immerse.
  • The OticonON app can be used with the ConnectClip to adjust streaming and hearing aid volume

*For young children, adult supervision is recommended, and this product is not for use by children under 36 months.


Compatible with models from the Oticon OPN family that have been updated to Firmware 5.0 (or higher) and the NEW Oticon More Hearing Aid.

Also compatible with the NHS Oticon Xceed hearing aids.

If you do not see your hearing aid specified feel free to get in touch and we can check for compatibility for you.

Product Specifications:

Size: 53 x 27 x 18 mm

Weight: 27 grams

International  Orders : The power supply included is a UK 3 pin plug, we do include a free power adapter suitable for your region. Please ensure you check regional power supply voltage prior to use. (power adapter subject to stock availability)

Alternatively a universal USB charger cable is included, which you can use in your choice of power supply for your region

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Additional information

Weight471 g
Dimensions18 × 13 × 13 cm


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