Widex EASYWEAR™ Retention Locks – 10 pack

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Anchor retention locks to fit Widex V.1 & V.2 receiver wires designed to reduce the movement of you hearing device in your ear.

Available in 2 style to fit your appropriate Widex Receiver wire.

  • V.1 = Suitable for all Widex EASYWEAR™ V.1 Receiver Wires
  • V.2 = Suitable for all Widex EASYWEAR™ V.2 Receiver Wires (WIDEX MOMENT™ hearing devices ONLY)

Includes: x10 pack of retention locks

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Retention locks help support the comfort of your receiver wire, and are formed in the shape of your concha. They are designed to help retain the receiver wire in the ear whilst you stay active.

The soft flexible plastic lock shapes to your ear and once the retention lock becomes hard and brittle you simply exchange this for a new lock.


These Widex retention locks are compatible with ALL Widex receiver wires. They’re supplied in two versions which are applicable to the specific version of receiver you’re using.

  • V.1 = Suitable for ALL Widex EASYWEAR™ V.1 Receiver Wires (Aids which pre-date the WIDEX MOMENT™ aids)
  • V.2 = Suitable for ALL Widex EASYWEAR™ V.2 Receiver Wires (Widex Moment hearing devices ONLY)

How to identify the difference with V.1 & V.2 Receivers:

A helpful way to identify the version you require is to compare your existing receiver unit to our key below. If your receiver unit is matte grey in colour this indicates the V.1, if you receiver unit is silver/glossy this indicates V.2.

V.2 receiver wires are currently only used for the Widex Moment hearing device.

How to fit your retention locks:

  • V.1 = Your receiver has a small hole which is located close to your wire connection. Insert your retention lock into the hole and pull through until you reach the end of the retention. The retention lock is now securely fitted. Push the retention lock back through the hole to remove and replace.
  • V.2 = These retention locks house small connection clips which are connected to the end of the retention lock. You will hear a click sound to indicate the lock is securely fitted. Remove the lock to replace.

Includes: x10 pack of retention locks


Additional information

Weight15 g

V.1 Receiver Retention Locks, V.2 Receiver Retention Locks (Widex Moment aids only)

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  1. Jan Britton (verified owner)

    Very pleased with your service. I was able to repair my hearing aid. Otherwise I would have had to buy new ones.

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