Phonak D-Dry+ Box


This is the latest and updated version of the previous Phonak D-Dry Box. Phonak D-Dry+ Box is a three in one drying, germ reducing and storage device for your hearing aids and moulds.

Brand: Phonak

This product includes: 1x Phonak D-Dry+ Box, 1x power supply, 1x user information manual




The Phonak D-Dry+ Box has a reduced drying time from the original 3-6 hours, down to only 142 minutes! It also has an extra UV-C bulb for even more germ reduction! By using the Phonak D-Dry+ Box regularly, you will preserve the sound quality of your hearing aids and reduce moisture levels.  The UV-C light will further prevent ear infections and alleviate ear hygiene.

The UV-C light has been tested and accredited to eradicate the accumulation of germs on the hearing aid or mould to prevent ear infections and alleviate ear hygiene. It is recommended to use the Phonak D-Dry+ Box daily. It can further be used to store your hearing aids or moulds when they are not in use.

How to use:

The Phonak D-Dry+ Box is operated with a 5V power supply and comes with a USB adapter, that can be attached to any USB port or plug, and automatically turns off when the drying process has completed


The Phonak D-Dry+ Box is compatible with all battery operated and rechargeable hearing aids, and hearing aid moulds.

Features and benefits:

  • Reduced dying time from 3 or 6 hours to 142 minutes
  • 2 UV-C light bulbs for extra germ reduction
  • UV-C exposure time of 8 minutes
  • One single button with touch signal, acoustic signal, and vibration
  • Improved drying chamber
  • Light indication for remaining operation


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