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Phonak C&C Clean Tablet is a specialist cleaning tablet to be used with the C&C Cleansing Beaker. It uses active oxygen for the removal of stains and to disinfect the hearing aid mould.

Brand : Phonak

This Item Includes : 20 x Cleaning Tablets


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The Cleaning Tablets are suitable for all types of hearing aid moulds and should be used with the Phonak C&C Cleansing Beaker which can be purchased separately.

What to do before using the cup/capsules:

Remove the mould from you hearing aid, do not submerge electrical parts or your hearing aid into the water.

We recommended using the C&C Cleaning Wipes to remove any impurities from the hearing aid mould. Remove a Clean Tab from the packet and place it in luke-warm water inside the Clean Cup. After 5 minutes simply rinse the mould and use the C&C Drying Cup/Drying Capsules to help dry your moulds sufficiently.

It is recommended to clean your moulds in the cleansing beaker with the capsules 1-2 times per week to help keep your moulds free from bacteria and prolong their life.


  • The tablet uses a combination of cleansing agents with active oxygen for optimum cleaning of earmolds. A hygienic and effective way of cleaning.
  • Tablets individual wrapped


  • x 20 Cleaning Tablets
  • step by step picture guide

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Dimensions20 × 15 × 10 cm

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    Very good

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