Phonak C&C Clean-Tab

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Phonak C&C Clean Tablet is a specialist cleaning tablet to be used to clean hearing aid moulds. It uses active oxygen for the removal of stains and to disinfect the hearing aid mould.

Brand : Phonak

This item Includes : 20x Cleaning Tablets 1 x Instruction Leaflet

Product Dimensions (packaging) :

Weight = 75 Grams
Height = 107mm
Width = 61mm
Depth = 51mm

It is not to be used on the hearing aid device itself and the cleaning tablet isn’t suitable for ITE or CIC hearing aids.

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The Cleaning tablets are recommended to be used with the Phonak cleansing beaker, which is also available to purchase on the online shop.

Before using the cleaning tablets remove the mould from the hearing aid, your hearing specialist can show you how to do this or you can follow the instructions included in the box.


Remove the basket from the cleansing beaker and remove the cleansing tablet from the foil wrapping and place in the bottom of the beaker. Wash your hands after handling the tablet as it can cause irritation to the skin and eyes if it comes it to close contact.

Fill the beaker three quatres full of clean water and then place the mould into the basket and the basket then into the beaker containing the water and the cleaning tablet. Replace the lid and leave for five minutes. After five minutes remove the basket from the beaker and then the mould from the basket and rinse under clean water.

Dry the mould thoroughly using a dry cloth or tissue and an air blower, available from the online shop, to remove all excess moisture from the tube. Reattach the mould to the hearing aid and repeat the process every three days.


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