Phonak C&C Dry Cup, Drying Beaker

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The Phonak C&C Drying Beaker can be used with the C&C Drying Capsules to fully dry your hearing aid moulds.

This product Includes : 1 x Phonak Drying Beaker

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The drying beaker is suitable for all types of hearing aid moulds and should be used with the Phonak C&C Drying Capsules, which can be purchased separately.

It features a basket inside which can be used to easily lift your moulds safely from the beaker, and stops the moulds from making contact with the capsule in the bottom.

Using the dry cup/capsules:

After fully cleaning your hearing aid mould place a drying capsule at the bottom of the cup, your mould then sits in the basket inside the beaker. Leave the mould in the beaker for approximately 8 hours, or overnight. You can re-use the same drying capsule, the capsule will change from a golden yellow to a white colour when it’s time to throw away.

Features of the Dry Cup:

  • Lightweight plastic cup
  • Lift out plastic basket
  • Screw Top Lid

Product Dimensions:

73 mm Height, 60 mm Diameter

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