Phonak C&C Drying Capsules (Dry-Cap)

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Phonak Drying capsules are designed to be used with the Phonak C&C Drying Beaker . They contain silica crystals which remove the moisture from the hearing aid and the mould.

This product Includes : 6 x Phonak Drying Capsules

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The Drying Capsules are suitable for all types of hearing aids and moulds and should be used with the Phonak C&C Drying Beaker which can be purchased separately.

Using the dry cup/capsules:

After fully cleaning your hearing aid mould place a drying capsule at the bottom of the cup, your mould then sits in the basket inside the beaker. Leave the mould in the beaker for approximately 8 hours, or overnight. You can re-use the same drying capsule, the capsule will change from a golden yellow to a white colour when it’s time to throw away. When drying your hearing aid system you must remove your battery before placing in the beaker basket.

Features of the Clean Cup:

  • The capsule draws moisture from the hearing aids and earmolds and bond the particles, increasing the life of your moulds.
  • Colour change indicator when capsules should be thrown away.


  • x 6 Dry-Caps
  • step by step picture guide

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