DryBoost UV


DryBoost UV is specially designed to help dry, recharge and sanitise your hearing aids, all-in-one device!

In addition, the DryBoost UV can remove up to 99.9% of germs using incredible ultraviolet light technology.

This product is for rechargeable hearing aids ONLY and comes complete with a 1-year warranty.

Brand: Puretone

Includes: 1x DryBoost UV, 1x power cable and quick start guide.

Please allow an additional 3 - 5 working days for delivery


The DryBoost UV machine is made to dry, recharge and sanitise your hearing aids with a controlled drying temperature and ultraviolet light technology which kills up to 99.9% of germs. In addition, this handy device has two different cycle options to choose from. Not only does it save time out of your day by cleaning your hearing aids, but it also does all the work of charging them too!

How to Use:

Thankfully, using the DryBoost UV is a mere formality. Simply place your hearing aids in the device, and choose the drying option you prefer (see below). You may even charge your mobile phone or electrical device whilst your hearing aids are being cleaned and charged.

Cycle One – Dry, Recharge and Sanitize

Cycle Two – Recharge and Sanitize


The DRYBOOST UV machine can be used by any rechargeable hearing aids.  Other types of electrical items that can be charged while your hearing aids are inside include:

  • Phonak mini charger
  • Signia stiletto X
  • Starkey turbo charger
  • Widex moment charger
  • GN quattro charger


Key features

  • Transparent lid so you can see your device all the time.
  • Size designed to accommodate most rechargeable devices.
  • The safety switch automatically turns off UV-C lamp if the lid is opened.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Two cycle options (1. Dry, Recharge and sanitize. 2. Recharge and sanitize).
  • UV-C lamp kills 99.9% of common bacteria, germs and viruses.
  • Precisely controlled low drying temperature designed specifically for rechargeable hearing aids.


  • 1x DryBoost UV
  • 1x Power cable
  • 1x Quick start guide

Product Specifications:

Unit: 16.19 cm x 13.34 cm x 13 cm (6.375″ x 5.25″ x 5.125″)

Tray: 12.7 cm x 11.43 cm x 7.62 cm (5″ x 4.5″ x 3″)

Operating Temperature: 20.67–29.44 °C (80-85° F)


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