Desiccant Dry-Brik II

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The Dry-Brik desiccant is the ultimate resolution to ensure your hearing aids are kept moisture-free and their life is extended as much as possible.

  • Brand: Dry-Brik
  • Compatibility: Suitable for use with all Dry&Store and Zephyr hearing aid dry box products
  • Included: 3 x Dry-Brik


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The Dry-Brik is an excellent accessory to use with all ‘Dry and Store’ and Zephyr hearing aid dry box products that use heat and moving air to remove moisture from hearing aids. The process is designed in a way that ensures your hearing aids last longer and work more efficiently. In addition to removing moisture released during the drying process, the Dry Brik also reduces the relative humidity to a lower level to maximise the drying capability and captures any odours.

How to use:

Using the Dry-Brik is incredibly easy: simply open the desiccant compartment of your drying box and insert the Dry-Brik inside it.


Suitable for use with all Dry&Store and Zephyr hearing aid dry box products.

Features and benefits:

  • Effectively removes moisture
  • Reduces relative humidity
  • Anti-odour
  • Generous shelf-life length of 12 months (if unopened)
  • Maximises hearing aids’ life

Included in the box:

3 x Dry-Brik

Product specifications (per Dry-Brik):

Weight: 22.8g

Width: 4.1cm

Depth: 7.6cm

Height: 1.6cm

Additional information

Weight96 g
Dimensions15 × 2.5 × 20 cm

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