Phonak BTE RIC Charger Case


Phonak BTE RIC Charger Case for Audeo, Bolero & Sky Marvel rechargeable hearing aids is beautifully compact whilst being sturdy and protective. The clip-lock shutting mechanism seals the lid making sure your hearing aids are safe and secure. Designed with convenience in mind it will easily fit into even the smallest handbag. This charger is suitable for all rechargeable Marvel Bolero & Sky BTE and RIC hearing aids. It features a holding space for large earmolds, a USB-C charging inlet and an indicator light.

Brand: Phonak

This product includes: Phonak BTE RIC Charger Case, USB-C Cable, Power Supply & User Manual



The Phonak BTE RIC Charger Case is the smaller model to the Phonak Combi Charger Case available for rechargeable Bolero, Marvel & Sky hearing aids. This model allows you to have the power of the full-size Phonak Charger Case while being just as sleek as efficient as the Phonak Mini Charger.

Being more compact, it is ideal for travel or for taking on-the-go if you want the security of having access to charging with you anywhere while still providing you with the power backup that Phonak is renowned for.

The clip locking system makes the hearing aids very secure inside the case which protects against physical trauma like drops or pets that might get hold of the charger. Inside the charger are the two slots for each hearing aid, coloured blue for left and red for right. There is also a recess for your receivers to sit in.

LED Lights

The LED lights on your hearing aids will let you know the charging status once they are in the charger. Blinking green lights indicate that the hearing aids are charging. A solid green slight indicates that the hearing aids are fully charged.

For other LED colours, refer to your Marvel hearing aid user guide. It is safe to leave the hearing aids in the charger overnight even if they reach full charge mid-way through the night. Unless they have been configured differently by your hearing care provider, the hearing aids will automatically switch on when they are removed from the charger.


The charger is powered by a USB-C Cable which is supplied when you order this product. The battery cannot be over-charged. It may become warm during charging.

Please note that this charger is only compatible with:

  • Audeo Marvel
  • Bolero Marvel
  • Sky Marvel

Instruction Video

Phonak Charger Compatibility:



Additional information

Weight310 g
Dimensions18 × 13 × 13 cm

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