Starkey SurfLink Media 2


The Surflink Media 2 has been designed to stream sound wirelessly from a multitude of electronic media sources directly to your Starkey Muse IQ and older generation hearing aids. It can support televisions, radios, computers, MP3 players, DVD players and cable boxes, delivering a high quality of sound to boost your entertainment enjoyment.

Brand : Starkey

Includes : SurfLink Media 2, Power Adaptor,  Audio Cable (toslink), Operations Manual

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The Surflink Media 2 is the media streamer available to users of Starkey hearing aids from the Muse IQ generation and older. With this handy gadget, you can send high-quality sound straight from your TV or other media device directly to your hearing aids. Live life with no strings attached with the SurfLink range of wireless accessories!

The device resembles a small soundbar with a simple power button, volume control and range sliders on the front. When the power button is pressed and glows blue, the device automatically streams audio when available. When powered off, it automatically stops streaming audio. The volume slider alters the level of the sound and the range slider alters the range to which the hearing aids will switch to streaming i.e. for larger rooms, a bigger range is required.

At the back of the device are a range of sound input options:

  • RCA Jacks
  • Optical TOSLINK
  • Coaxial S/PDIF

SurfLink Media 2 can simultaneously stream audio to multiple users, which allows compatible Starkey hearing aids to share the same listening experience.

How to Use:

When powered on, the SurfLink Media 2 will automatically stream available audio to your compatible hearing aids when they are on a streaming program. To stop streaming, you can power the device off or switch back to your regular listening program on your hearing aids. Audio will also stop streaming when you walk out of the operating range you have set on the front of the device.

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst no pairing is required, you will need to have a streaming program enabled on your hearing aids and a way to switch to it (a push button on your hearing aids or remote control). This may have already been installed by your audiologist when they provided them to you. This can be easily configured by your hearing professional if this has not already been completed.


Starkey SurfLink accessories are compatible with:

  • Wireless Picasso
  • Muse iQ
  • Muse
  • SoundLens Synergy iQ
  • SoundLens Synergy
  • Z Series

If your hearing aids are not mentioned above, or you are unsure about your device’s compatibility, then do not hesitate to contact our dedicated support staff.

Key Features:

  • Small, discreet size compared to a typical cable box
  • Sleek design and black colour
  • Power on/off
  • Volume Control
  • Streaming activation control
  • LED Light indicators
  • Microphone Jack
  • TOSLINK Jack
  • RCA Jacks
  • Coaxial S/PDIF Jack
  • Stereo Switch
  • Power Supply Jack
  • Audio Fidelity Switch for wireless hearing aids

Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 205 mm x 60 mm x 55 mm

Weight: approx. 308g

Additional information

Weight1077 g
Dimensions31 × 23 × 16 cm


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