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Want to upgrade your older Starkey hearing aids to have a fully wireless, Bluetooth-powered streaming capability? Then look no further than the Starkey SurfLink Mini Mobile System: a remarkably lightweight device that allows for crystal-clear streaming – both for phone calls, music and video alike – to your hearing aids at the fraction of the cost of a new pair.

Brand: Starkey

Includes: SurfLink Remote Microphone 2, SurfLink Mini Mobile Adapter, USB-to-MicroUSB Charging Cable, UK Power Adapter, EU to USB Power Supply & Operations Manual

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Starkey’s SurfLink Mini Mobile System is composed of two main elements: the Remote Microphone and the Mini Mobile Adapter. Courtesy of this unique set-up, the purchase of this system will not only enable wireless mobile phone audio streaming but also give you access to all the benefits that a remote microphone can provide.

The Mini Mobile System’s Microphone:

The SurfLink Remote Microphone is specifically designed to enhance your hearing experience in background noise: when worn around your conversation partner’s neck or clipped to their clothing, the signal-to-noise ratio is reduced dramatically to improve the ease of 1:1 conversations in noisy, challenging environments. No more do you have to struggle through that office meeting, feel left out at the meet up at the café or miss out on those witty exchanges at the restaurant.

When the Surflink Mini Mobile Adapter is used with the Remote Microphone, the resulting system enables wireless transmission of audio from your Bluetooth device directly to your hearing aids. Thankfully, the adapter plugs snugly into the micro-USB jack of the Surflink Remote Microphone.


Charging the battery is a stress-free process. Simply attach the micro USB end of the charging cable to the corresponding socket on the SurfLink Mini Mobile Adapter. Then, attach the USB end of the cable to a female USB jack such as those found on a mains adapter, car charger or home computer. What’s more, you can charge both the Adapter and SurfLink Remote Microphone 2 simultaneously, allowing for constant streaming over extended periods.

How to Use:

Bluetooth feature:

The Mini Mobile adapter will work with the vast majority of Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology used to transmit audio and data. To interoperate with SurfLink Mini Mobile, a Bluetooth-enabled device must support at least one of the following Bluetooth profiles:

  • To make/receive phone calls, your Bluetooth device must support the “Hands-Free” (HFP) profile. Thankfully, most modern mobile phones will support this feature.
  • To listen to music, your Bluetooth device must support the “Media” (A2DP) profile; again, the majority of newer devices will have this capability as standard.

Setting Up:

To set up your device, first ensure that it is fully charged using the provided cables.

1. Power on your SurfLink Remote Microphone. The LED will turn green for two seconds. 

2. Push the ‘Sync’ icon on the slider button and hold for 5 seconds until the light turns a blinking blue.

3. Turn one hearing aid off and then on; a green light will indicate a successful sync.

4. If you only use a single hearing aid, wait 20 seconds until the light turns red.

5. If you use two, power off and on the second aid. Again, a green light shall confirm the sync.

6. Both hearing aids will now automatically begin streaming audio. A blue light will slowly pulse when streaming.

7. To make the best use of the microphone, have the speaker attach the SurfLink Remote Microphone 2 to their clothing approximately 20cm (8 inches) away from their mouth for best performance.

8. To stop streaming, simply turn off the microphone.

Taking a call:

Once set up has been completed, incoming calls will sound in your hearing aids and a single press of the multi-function push-button on the adapter will answer. Pressing for more than 2 seconds will reject the call. During the call, the Remote Microphone will pick up your voice and transmit it back to your phone and toward your conversation partner.


Starkey Surflink accessories are compatible with the following hearing aid ranges:

  • Wireless Picasso
  • Muse iQ
  • Muse
  • SoundLens Synergy iQ
  • SoundLens Synergy
  • Z Series hearing aid

If your hearing aid is not mentioned please feel free to contact our dedicated support staff and we can recommend the compatible product for you.

Although pairing can be done at home, your hearing aids will need to have been programmed to be able to interact with Surflink accessories. Your hearing care professional may have already done this, but it can be done at any time if not.

Key Features:

  • 2-in-1: Remote Microphone for conversations, and Mobile Adapter for phone call/audio streaming.
  • Enables communication between your hearing aids and your Bluetooth enabled mobile device
  • Wirelessly stream phone calls and music to your hearing aids
  • Pocket-sized for quick access
  • Intuitive single multi-function button
  • No neck loop required unlike other streamers
  • Can be paired with 2 Bluetooth devices at a time

Product Specifications:

System connected: 88mm x 29 mm x 18 mm. approx. 34g

Clip on Microphone:69 mm x 29 mm x 18 mm. aprrox. 29g

Mini Mobile Adapter: 28 mm x 29 mm x 13 mm. approx. 5g

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Additional information

Weight418 g
Dimensions23 × 16 × 16 cm


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