Bellman & Symfon Visit Baby Monitor Transmitter- BE1491


This Baby Monitor is part of the Visit home system created by Bellman & Symfon and offers parents with hearing loss an effective solution for baby monitoring. It will notify you as soon as your baby needs you, even if you are asleep or in another room.

Brand: Bellman & Symfon

This product includes: 1x Baby Monitor, 2x AA batteries, 1x pre-mounted table stand, 1x screw with wall plug, 1x user information manual

Please allow an additional 3 - 5 working days for delivery


Place the Baby Monitor transmitter near your baby and it will send an immediate alert to one of your chosen Bellman receivers (all sold separately) whenever your baby cries:

  • Portable Receiver
  • Flash Receiver
  • Pager Receiver
  • Wrist Receiver
  • Alarm Clock Receiver

The transmitter can be used on a table with the stand provided, or on the wall with the wall mounts provided. This transmitter also comes with a contact mat setting, you can also use the Bellman Contact Mat (sold separately) next to the baby’s bed to alert you if they get (or fall) out of bed.

It is designed with a baby proof feature to prevent the baby from reaching for the transmitter.

How to use:

The Baby Transmitter comes with the option to adjust the sensitivity of the alert or delay it altogether allowing you to customise the settings to suit your home and minimise false alarms. You will need to:

  • Increase the sensitivity if the baby monitor is not activated when the baby cries.
  • Reduce the sensitivity if the baby monitor is activated too easily.
  • Adjust the delay if the baby monitor is activated too early or too late.

Sensitivity Settings: 65 dB, 75 dB, or 85 dB

Delay Settings: 30 seconds, 10 seconds, or 1 second

When the Transmitter activates your receiver, the following alerts occur:

  • The LED light on the transmitter lights up green or orange to show that it is signalling the receiver.
  • The LED light on the receiver lights up green or orange and it starts to sound, flash, or vibrate with a certain pace. The transmitter and the connected accessories determine the signal pattern.

Features and benefits:

  • LED light indicators
  • Suitable for all Bellman Receivers
  • Battery Operated
  • Contact Mat outlet option
  • Baby proof with tamper feature
  • Adjustable sensitivity & delay
  • Range of up to 250 meters

Included in the box:

  • Baby Monitor
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Pre-mounted table stand
  • Screw with wall plug
  • User information manual

Product specifications:

Dimensions: 100mm x 65mm x 27mm

Weight: 120g

Additional information

Weight257 g
Dimensions13 × 13 × 13 cm


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