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Are you finding it hard to watch tv because you can’t hear it clearly? Instead of turning your tv up to volumes most people can’t tolerate, why not try out one of our assistive tv products? Here’s a few of our best products that will definitely improve your tv streaming experience.

1) Oticon TV Adaptor 3.0

You can stream sound from your TV directly to your Oticon hearing aids with this device, turning your hearing aids into wireless headphones. How useful is that?

You’ll be able to adjust the sound to a level that best suits your hearing needs and it won’t affect the volume for others around you as well. Everyone can watch TV together at volumes comfortable for them.

Oticon tv adaptor


2) Phonak TV Connector

Similarly to the Oticon TV Adaptor, the Phonak TV Connector also helps you to stream sound directly to your Phonak Audeo Marvel hearing aids. It’s the perfect home hearing aid enhancement!

Yet again this won’t affect the volume of the tv for others around you, allowing you all to enjoy tv together without the hassle of finding a volume that would be a good compromise for everyone.

It’s small and barely noticeable as it will just stay beside your TV plugged in and it doesn’t even require a neck loop.

phonak tv connector


3) GN Resound TV Streamer 2

Offering crystal clear TV streaming, this device has an impressive range of over 23 feet (7 meters); this allows you to stream from a wider distance. It’s developed to help provide you with the easiest streaming experience.

The main issue people with hearing loss face when it comes to watching TV is that they tend to raise the volume so that it’s beyond comfortable levels for those watching with them. This device fixes that as it lets you listen at a level you’re happy with without affecting the volume for family and friends around you.

GN Resound tv streamer


4) Starkey 2.4 Ghz TV Streamer

Stream audio directly to your Starkey Livio Edge AI, Livio AI and Livio hearing aids with this device. Simple to set up, this product lets you have a crisp hearing experience.

The best part is that it not only connects to your TV, but you can also connect it to other electronic audio sources! Some devices you can pair it to includes:

  • Computers
  • MP3 players
  • DVD players
  • Cable boxes
  • Bluetooth or Amazon Echo

starkey tv streamer


5) Phonak Com Pilot 11 & Tv Link 11 set

When wearing your Belong or Venture hearing aids, this bundle enhances your TV listening experience as well as your telephone one. It allows you to stream stereo sound from your mobile phone and other entertainment devices such as your TV.

With this bundle you can:

  • Have hands free mobile phone conversations via Bluetooth- it even connects to more than one phone at a time
  • Listen to Tv sound- with the TV link II that is supplied
  • Listen to audio- can be music from radios, PCs, MP3 players etc.

com pilot bundle



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