Phonak EasyCall II


The Phonak EasyCall II is a dedicated wireless connection between selected Phonak hearing aids and any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone.

Simply clip onto your mobile phone and enjoy the direct transmission of the caller’s voice to both your hearing aids simultaneously.

Brand : Phonak

This item Includes : 1 x Phonak Easycall II 1 x MicroUSB Lead 1 x UK Charging Plug 1 x Instructions 1 x Sticky pad & Tape




Phonak’s EasyCall II is for users of compatible Phonak hearing aids to enhance their listening experience over their mobile phone. You do not need to own a smart phone, the EasyCall will work as long as your mobile phone has Bluetooth for you to enjoy improved speech intelligibility during phone calls.


The Phonak EasyCall II is compatible with wireless Venture and Belong hearing aids. If you are a user of wireless Spice, Spice+ and Quest hearing aids, this product will not be compatible, and you require the original Phonak EasyCall.


The EasyCall II works when mounted onto the back of your phone either with a model-specific hard case (purchased separately – see associated products) or using the double-sided adhesive pads supplied. Best placement of the EasyCall II is described in the user guide.

When a call comes through, it is picked up from the phone via Bluetooth and the sound is transmitted to both of your hearing aids directly. You will need to hold your phone, with the EasyCall II attached, within 10cm (4”) of one of the hearing aids during the call. There is a call button for answering and disconnecting from calls, it has a built-in indicator light. The user guide gives full instruction for understanding the indicator light.


You will need to pair the EasyCall II to your phone before first use. To do this, enable Bluetooth on your mobile device and make sure that it is within 1 meter (3ft) of the EasyCall.

If EasyCall has never been paired, it will automatically be in pairing mode after switching on. This is indicated by a rapidly blinking blue indicator light. To manually put the EasyCall II into pairing mode, press and hold the call button for 10 seconds until the indicator light blinks blue. Start the pairing process within 1 minute of EasyCall II being placed into pairing mode.

Your phone will show a list of available Bluetooth devices and once it is in pairing mode, the EasyCall II should appear as “Phonak EasyCall” in this list. Ask your phone to search again if not. Select it from this list and enter the code “0000” if required. After successful pairing, the indicator light will stop rapidly blinking blue.

This can take up to 2 minutes but usually occurs within a few seconds. The phone only needs to be paired once. It remains paired after switching off.


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