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Starkey is a common name in the hearing loss world, they offer some of the most advanced products you can find on the market at a price everyone can afford. Hearing Aid Accessories is proud to offer to you our large range of Starkey products:


Allows users to stream audio from their TV or other electronic an audio source directly to Livio AI and Livio hearing aids. It offers
excellent sound quality is easy to use and supports both analogue and digital input sources.

Remote Microphone +

Easily stream binaurally from four different audio sources:
Bluetooth, Telecoil, FM or Line-In. And thanks to Remote
Microphone +, Livio AI and Livio hearing aids are the first to
feature Amazon Alexa connectivity.

Mini Remote Microphone

Your patients with older mobile devices can enjoy one-on-one
conversations in noisy environments with our small, easy-to-use
Mini Remote Microphone by clipping it to the clothing of the person
being spoken to. It can also be used as a TV streamer by placing it
near the sound source.


Also ideal for patients using older mobile devices, our remote
includes updated features so they can control memory and
volume, mute Livio AI or Livio hearing aids and turn other special
features on and off.


Our most popular products include:

The Starkey Charger

Holds enough power to provide portable charging three times.
LED indicators to let patients know when their hearing aids are fully
charged, and hearing aids turn on automatically when removed
from the charger. This is the latest release from Starkey and as such contains their most advanced technology yet while still retaining that price desirability it has become well known for.

Those using Livio and Livio AI hearing aids are finding this charger to completely change their normal routines thanks to some of its more advanced features. One such feature is a small size which puts other chargers to shame, you can easily take this with you wherever you go which is great in emergencies or for those requiring it throughout the day.

The Starkey Mini Turbo Charger

A pocket-sized lithium-ion solution that provides a 3.5-hour
charge in just seven minutes. A fully charged Mini Turbo Charger
can completely charge a pair of hearing aids four times. Just like the normal Starkey Charger, this one is part of the latest range available to our customers and comes equipped with the next generation technology people have been asking for.

Just like its brother the Starkey Mini Turbo Charger has been loved by all those using Livio and Livio AI hearing aids, and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better this model is even smaller and provides a much faster charge. Most users have chosen to keep the normal Starkey Charger at home and have the Mini Turbo Charge with them on the go, but each is replaceable in either situation thanks to their design so its entirely up to you.

Both models are environmentally friendly and operate as efficiently as possible meaning you do not have to charge the battery inside as often as other brands saving you both time and money down the line.

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