Widex COM-DEX Bluetooth Streamer/Remote Mic

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This product allows the user to stream audio from any Bluetooth device and to stream phone calls directly from up to two mobile phones to Widex hearing aids. Widex Com-Dex features hands-free communication and up to 8 hours of streaming time from all Bluetooth devices. The device connects to your hearing aids to allow control via the Com-Dex app.

Brand : Widex

Included with Item : 1x Widex Com-Dex 1 x Fabric Loop 1 x USB Charging Cable

Available in three colour options, Champagne white, Anthracite grey and Emerald green.

Answer calls, listen to music and control the volume of Widex hearing aids!



Using the Widex Com-Dex allows the hearing aid wearer to connect to two mobile phones at any time or any device with Bluetooth connectivity. This offers hands-free phone functionality and audio streaming whether it’s music or audio books. Sound quality is enhanced by direct streaming.

The device is worn around the neck connecting wirelessly to the hearing aids. This allows the user to answer phone calls at the push of a button using the Com-Dex microphone to communicate with. It has been designed to offer the hearing aid user a high-quality sound when on the phone or listening to audio.


Widex Com-Dex is compatible with the following hearing aids: Evoke (except micro CIC), Clear, Super, Dream, Unique & Beyond Widex wireless hearing aids.

Connecting to devices: The Com-Dex can be paired up to eight different Bluetooth devices, however you can be only connected to one device using firmware 1.0.10 or two devices if its firmware 1.2.0 or later. The user can only stream one phone call or one audio device at a time.

Improve your quality of life

The Com-Dex allows for a clear high quality sound as it is streamed via Bluetooth directly to the hearing aids, so there is less risk of background noise interfering with the conversation. It also allows the user to stream music or any form of audio directly to the hearing aids. The wearer can listen to their choice of audio without impacting others at home or on the go.

Initial Set-up

To turn the Com-Dex on and off you use the neck loop. If the neck loop is closed the device is turned on, if it is open it is turned off.

To connect to a Bluetooth device make sure the Com-Dex and Bluetooth device are within one metre of each other, close the neck loop and there will be a blue – red flashing light to indicate the device is in pairing mode. On the Bluetooth device, select the settings option and scan for new Bluetooth devices, select the “Com-Dex 123”. The last three digits will relate to the serial number found on the product box.

Select the Com-Dex when it appears on the Bluetooth device, if a password is required use “0000”. Once the Com-Dex is paired with the Bluetooth device it will remain connected even if the neck loop is opened.

Answering Calls

To answer an incoming phone call using the Com-Dex, press the talk button and speak through the microphone whilst the device is hanging around the neck.  To end the phone call simply press the same button again. To reduce the background sounds whilst using the phone, press the “room off” button on the side of the device.

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Champagne White, Anthracite Grey, Emerald Green

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