ReSound Phone Clip+

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This tiny device allows you to easily stream calls from your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone to your compatible wireless ReSound hearing aids. Clear and simple hands free phone calls with your friends, family and colleagues at the press of a button.

Brand : GNResound

This product Includes : 1 x ReSound Phone Clip+

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Older generations of ReSound hearing aid are not able to stream audio directly from your phone. The ReSound Phone Clip+ is the perfect go between if you are a user of ReSound Alera, Verso, LiNX and Enzo.

Being small and lightweight, the ReSound Phone Clip+ can be easily clipped to your clothing or worn around the neck. Optimal distance from your mouth is around 10-30cm and the microphone inlet must be pointing towards your mouth. It can be paired either by your hearing care professional or by you at home.

Once paired, calls can be answered by pressing the call pick-up button meaning your phone does not even need to be taken out of your pocket. You voice will be picked up by the microphone on the Phone Clip+ and transmitted back to your phone for your conversation partner to hear.


It is also compatible with some wireless NHS hearing aids, Danalogic CS61W, CS71W, CS81W and CS91W. This accessory enabled you to not only stream from your mobile phone but from any Bluetooth enabled device.


To charge a flat battery typically takes around 3 hours and it is safe to leave the charger connected overnight – the battery cannot be overcharged. We recommend you charge the battery for atleast 3 hours before first use, even if the LED light indicates the battery is full.

The Phone Clip+ can also be used a basic remote control for most ReSound hearing aids, though for Alera hearing aids this process is doable but more complicated – contact us for more information with the model of your hearing aid ready.


Physical features include an on/off switch, call pick-up/hang-up button, hearing instrument program toggle, hearing instrument microphone mute button, volume control buttons, pairing buttons for both hearing aid and Bluetooth, microUSB input for charging, microphone inlet and mounting clip. An LED light indicator at the top of the device serves as a multipurpose user interface, telling you the relevant status of the Phone Clip+


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