Tool Mini Receiver 2.0

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Tool to help remove and insert the pins of your hearing aid housings and to operate the receiver locking mechanism.

Brand: Signia

Includes: x1 Receiver Removal Tool


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This small tool is required for selected Signia hearing aids. It releases the pin within the hearing aid housing to allow you to release the locking of your receiver wire. You can also use this tool once your new receiver has been inserted to lock your mechanism back into place.

We recommend not completely removing the pin from the aid, the idea is to just move to allow the mechanism to be released.

How to Use:

  1. Take your receiver removal tool and push the pin mechanism with the pointed end to release this to the other side.
  2. Stop pushing when the pin is showing 2-3mms. We recommend not completely removing the pin.
  3. Firmly pull the receiver wire out from the hearing aid to release it.
  4. Replace your new receiver wire into the aid and push it down firmly into place.
  5. Use the flat end of your receiver tool to push the pin back into the aid. This will lock the mechanism in place.




 MiniReciever 2.0 replacement tool for Siemens, Signia and Rexton hearing aids.

If you are unsure about your device’s compatibility, then please contact our support staff.


What’s included:

1 X Tool Mini Receiver 2.0


Product Specifications:

 Model/Product no.: 10674370

Weight: 0,01 kg




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