SPECIAL OFFER: Pre-Bent Hearing Aid Tubes – 25 for £15

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It is surprising how much this tubing can improve the sound quality of your hearing aids – Get yours today! Our bulk offer is perfect for you to stock up.

Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids worn with a moulded earpiece require the tubing to be changed on a regular basis; it is highly recommended that you replace your tubing every three to six months. Hearing aid tubing comes in different sizes and types, so it is recommended to speak to your audiologist to ensure you buy the correct size for your hearing aid.

Includes: x25 pre-bent hearing aid tubes



25 Pre-Bent Hearing Aid Tubes for hearing aids. Keep on top of the health of your aids!

Order your Hearing Aid Tubes today and receive them this week.


Hearing aid tubes become brittle and harden over time. This is due to oil from the skin and chemicals from other products, such as hairspray. As a result, it is highly recommended to regularly change the tubing to keep it free from wax, debris, and moisture so sound can travel through the tube and into the ear.

How to Use:

It’s possible to change the tube yourself at home, but extra tools may be required to help with the job. Tube threaders and tube expanders are available separately, or alternatively, a complete tube change kit is an excellent the tube is replaced securely and correctly each time.

The video below was created by our sister company, Hear4U, which aptly demonstrates the process:

Types of Tubing:

  • Pre-Bent High Quality Tubing
  • Moisture Free Tubing – Moisture free tubing is softer than other types of tubing and is good for avoiding water droplets from forming in the tube. These comes in a pack of 5 and two different sizes, medium or thick wall. You can buy themhere.


Suitable for all varieties of Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aid depending on size.

What’s in the box?

x25 Pre-Bent Hearing Aid Tubes of chosen size.

Product Specifications:

The size of the tubing refers the the thickness of the tube wall itself. It is highly recommended to get in touch with your audiologist if you’re unsure on which size you require. The usual rule of  thumb is that the higher the level of hearing loss, the thicker the tubing.

  • Standard Tube Wall approx. 0.5mm thickness
  • Medium Tube Wall approx. 0.8mm thickness
  • Thick Tube Wall approx. 1mm thickness

Each tube comes in the same length, approx. 11cm. The difference in size relates to the thickness of the tubing wall itself.

Additional information

Weight30 g

Standard, Medium, Thick

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