Bent Nose Pliers for Hearing Aid Tubing


Red handled Bent Nose Pliers for removing and replacing your tubing from your hearing aid moulds.


Please allow an additional 3 - 5 working days for delivery


Bent nose pliers are a useful tool for day to day maintenance for removing and replacing your tubing from your hearing aid moulds.

The bent nose pliers have moulded plastic handles and a leaf sprung design for easy handling ideal for those with reduced dexterity. The pointed bent end of the pliers allows for a good grip on the tubing to be able to remove old tubing easily from the hearing aid mould.

This tool is perfect for helping to remove old tubing from the hearing aid mould by gripping on to the end of the tube and pulling it through the hole in the mould.


  • Moulded plastic handles for easy grip.
  • Leaf sprung design for easy use.
  • Made from Carbon steel for strength and long life.

Product Specifications:

  • When pliers are closed: 50mm width (handles), 125mm length, 10mm depth
  • Colour Red

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