Star Projection Sound Machine Alarm Clock

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Lull yourself to sleep alongside soothing nature sounds and a tranquil projection of stars with the Star Projection Clock. Turn your bedroom into a haven of relaxion, and slip into a deep, natural sleep.

Brand: Lifemax

This product includes: 1x Star Projection Clock, 1x mains adaptor, 1x user information manual


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The Star Projection Clock will shower stars across your bedroom ceiling and has a choice of 10 nature sounds including bird song, ocean waves brook, summer night, rain, and dawn. After you’ve experienced a blissful night’s sleep, its fully functioning alarm clock will ensure you wake up at the right time!

You can choose between sound, light, or enjoy both at the same time. As soon as you’ve fallen asleep, a 30-minute timer will commence ensuring that you are not woken through the night. It further features various button options, and a date, and temperature display.

Features and benefits:

  • Alarm clock
  • Date and temperature display
  • 10 nature sound options
  • Star projection across ceiling
  • Buttons – Mode, Alarm, Snooze, Select, Volume, Sound ON/OFF
  • 30-minute timer

Included in the box:

  • Star Projection Clock
  • Main’s adaptor
  • User information manual

Product specification:

125mm x 115mm x 105mm


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