Doro PhoneEasy 312CS


The PhoneEasy 312CS from Doro is a landline telephone designed to be completely accessible to hard of hearing and visually impaired individuals. Simple and easy-to-use, the landline telephone features a high contrast display and large sensibly spaced dialling buttons. As well as a louder ring and visual call indicator in the form of an LED light.

Included: 1x Base unit, 1x Phone with curly cord, 1x telephone line cable, 1x wall mounting bracket, 1x installations and user guide.

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Doro’s PhoneEasy 312CS is a highly accessible landline telephone that is simple and easy to install and use. It can be wall mounted or be placed on a table top.

A loud and clear ring which achieves up to 85dBa at 1m will alert you to phone calls as well as an LED light indicator – ideal for the hard of hearing. The volume of both the ring and the speaker volume can be easily adjusted with separate rotary settings. The ring can also be completely switched off if preferred. There is a speakerphone option which is accessed by a single button press.

Features for the visually impaired include extra-large and concave keys with an ergonomic handset which make for great ease of use. The base unit display measures H95mm by W35mm and shows information such as time, date and incoming caller ID in large font.

The phone has a built in phone book which can store up to 30 contacts. As well as this, a call memory will log the last 15 incoming/outgoing calls. Three speed dial buttons are located underneath the display and can be programmed to instantly call important or emergency numbers.


The EasyPhone 312CS will power directly from the telephone line however it is possible in some cases that this is insufficient. You can install four AA alkaline batteries as backup power.


The EasyPhone 312CS is compatible with loop enabled hearing aids. Switch manually to the loop setting, otherwise called the telecoil or “T” mode. Some hearing aids will make this switch automatically when the phone receiver is placed next to the hearing aid. To find out if your hearing aids will do this automatically or will need the loop program added, check with your earing care professional.

The telephone can be wall mounted by using the included wall mount bracket and two screws (not included).

  • Desktop use or wall mountable
  • Loud level ring and visual LED indicator – ideal for the hard of hearing
  • Extra-large, well spaced buttons and high contrast display (with clock) for the visually impaired
  • Speakerphone option for handsfree calling
  • In built phone book for up to 30 contacts with three one touch memory keys for frequently used or emergency numbers
  • Easily adjustable call and ring volume



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