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Phonak and Unitron Retention Locks


Retention Lock (Sports Lock) for Phonak and Unitron receiver wires, pack of 10.


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Phonak and Unitron Retention Locks

Standard size to fit all Standard Phonak and Unitron receiver wires. Simple but handy item to keep hearing aids in place.

This listing is for a receiver wire and NOT for a hearing aid.

Phonak Receiver Wires SDS 3 are compatible with all Receiver in Canal (RIC) hearing aids supplied by Phonak and Unitron (APART from the newest Phonak Audeo M (powered by Marvel) hearing aids which use Phonak Receiver Wires SDS 4, available from end November 2018) and are available as a Standard (xS) Receiver or a Power (xP) Receiver .

Phonak Receiver Wires SDS 4 are compatible with Phonak Audeo M (powered by Marvel) hearing aids, available from end November 2018 and are available as a Standard (S) Receiver, a Medium (M) Receiver or a Power (P) Receiver .

The two versions of wires are incompatible with each other, the easiest way to check is to look at the tip of the receiver wire.

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