Starkey Livio 2.4Ghz Remote Microphone +


Designed with additional benefits, the Starkey Remote Microphone + not only improves your one-to-one conversation experience in noisy environments, but also enables binaural audio streaming from multiple media sources: Bluetooth, Telecoil, FM or Line-In.

Brand: Starkey

Compatibility: compatible with Livio Edge, Livio AI and Livio hearing aids.

Includes : Remote Microphone +, Power Adapter, USB-to-microUSB cable and Operations Manual

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Packed with brilliant features, this compact and lightweight device enables you to enjoy high-quality sound streaming into your hearing aids from multiple audio sources and is perfect for improving your listening experience in one-to-one conversations, even if background noise is present. It reduces the signal-to-noise ratio, improves speech intelligibility, and relieves listening fatigue.


The Starkey Remote Microphone + can be charged either via a power supply or using the USB cable provided. When fully charged, it can stream sound for up to 10 hours. A full charge is reached in less than three hours and just one hour is needed for a 50% charge.

When the battery is low, the LED indicator will slowly pulse in red, and an audible tone will play in your hearing aids every 5 minutes.

How to use:

In order to use your Starkey Remote Microphone +, you will need to pair it with your hearing aids and Bluetooth device. Easy to follow instructions on how this is done can be found in the Operations manual provided. The device can pair with up to 8 Bluetooth devices.

It can be worn either using a clip or on a lanyard (optional extra). When worn in this way, it automatically prioritises sound coming from above it whilst reducing the sound from other directions. The device can also be placed on a flat surface for group conversations in quieter environments where it will receive sound from all directions. Perfect for use in large meeting environments where you might normally struggle to hear a speaker positioned at a distance.

The Remote Microphone+ can function with an impressive number of sources, including Bluetooth A2DP profile, Bluetooth Handsfree profile, Loop and FM systems and Line-in Audio.


The Starkey Livio Remote Microphone + is compatible with Starkey Livio Edge, Livio AI and Livio hearing aids. In case your hearing aid is not mentioned, please do feel free to get in touch so that we can advice your device’s compatibility for you.

Features and benefits:

  • Can be worn on a clip or a lanyard (optional extra)
  • LED indicator
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Attractive design
  • Streaming from multiple audio sources
  • Brilliant one-to-one conversation sound quality

Included in the box:

1 x Remote Microphone +, 1 x Power Adapter, 1 x USB-to-micro-USB cable, 1 x Operations Manual

Product specifications:

Dimensions: 72mm x 28mm x 19mm (without the clip)

Weight: approx. 12g


Additional information

Weight319 g
Dimensions18 × 13 × 13 cm