Oticon SafeLine Retention Cord

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For the ultimate piece of mind when it comes to hearing aid security, the Oticon SafeLine Retention Cord allows you to keep wearing your hearing aids no matter how active you are.

Brand : Oticon

This Product Includes : 1 x Oticon SafeLine Retention Cord

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For Active Holidays

Continue your mountain biking, muddy walks, child’s play and more without hearing limitation with the SafeLine Retention Cord from Oticon. Do not let your hearing loss hold you back – when removing your hearing aids, you can miss out on the full sensory experience you have when wearing them.

Designed by Oticon to prevent loss or damage of hearing aids, the SafeLine Retention Cord is the way for you to make the most of your hearing whilst staying as active as you like.

With the confidence that your hearing aids are safe, enjoy all the hearing support you are used to. The cord attaches to your collar with a strong clip, whilst hearing aids are attached with the flexible rings secured around the behind-the-ear component.

Unique in Design

The SafeLine Retention Cord is set apart from other necklace style retention cords in that it meets the highest safety standards. It does this with the break-away function which enables the cords to snap-off under pressure but also be easily reattached afterwards.

Made with Quality in Mind

It is recommended to first attach the SafeLine Retention Cord rings to you hearing aids, then the clip to the collar and then put your hearing aids on. SafeLine meets international legislation and standards for safety for hearing aid retention locks. Oticon have made sure that all materials are hypo-allergenic and bio-compatible. The collar clip on SafeLine is easy to use and prevents your fingers from being pinched.

*SafeLine is compatible with all Oticon BTE, miniRITE and designRITE hearing aid styles.


SafeLine Retention Cord


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