Anti Viral Re-Usable Face Mask. 99.99% Effective Against Covid-19 by MMXX


MMXX have developed a face mask which is great for all, especially those who wear hearing aids.

Using Viro-Blocker Technology this mask is proven 99.99% effective against Covid-19 in just 30 minutes. Reducing the risk of spread and infection.

92% Polyamide 8% Elastane. Made in Great Britain. ONE SIZE FITS ALL, AMAZING! **Black colour now discontinued**

Includes : x1 Anti-Viral Mask, see our bundle deals below.



When up to 5 masks are purchased in the same colour

1 masks = £7.99 per mask

2  masks = £14.98, £7.49 per mask

3  masks = £20.98, £6.99 per mask

4 masks  = £27.16, £6.79 per mask

5 masks  = £32.95, £6.59 per mask

If you would like a mixture of black and white please send us a message at the time of your order, and we can arrange this for you 🙂

**Black colour now discontinued**

Main Description:

Made with silver & vesicle technology helping to destroy the virus rapidly. Knitted with a high gauge seamless fabric with variable tension control to fit around the nose, mouth and under the chin, sealing out bacteria.

Attacking the cell wall of the virus or bacteria to destroy them within 30 minutes. Reducing the risk of spread and infection.

  • Lycra Fabric
  • Antiviral & Antibacterial finish
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Temperature control
  • Increased protected for wearers
  • Reduced the risk and reduces spread
  • Machine washable at 40 degrees

Here is the science:

Using a combination of silver & vesicle technology: the silver technology attracts the oppositely charges viruses and binds permanently to their sulphur groups. Subsequently, the fatty spherical vesicle technology (Liposomes) helps to deplete the viral membrane of its cholesterol content in minutes, therefore the silver can destroy the virus rapidly.

Wearing the mask:

The natural crimp of the yarn gives a flexible softness on the skin. Inhaled and exhaled air passes through the dense fibres in the knitted loops allowing for a nice breathable wear.

As the mask does not sit on top of your ears you can wear your hearing aids with ease and with a less risk of loss or damage. Pulling the mask up and down when needed is super easy as the mask can stretch to sit comfortably over your face when needed.


Washing the mask:

Yes you can even wash your mask! The MMXX  mask has been specially treated with Antiviral finish. The vesicle defence stays for 30 washes, giving 240 hours of wear over 8 hour days. The Silver stays for 50 washes, giving a further 160 hours of wear.

The micro fibre hypoallergenic polyamide yarns does not deteriorate and can be washed and worn day after day.



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