Oticon O-Cap

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Oticon O-Cap

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£9.99 inc VAT

Keeping unwanted ear wax at bay with Oticon O-Cap.

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Oticon O-Cap is designed to stop dirt and wax entering the microphone of your hearing aids.

Small conveniently size packet means it can be stored easily especially when you’re on the go.

The Oticon O-Cap is a microphone cover for newer Oticon ITE and ITC hearing aids. The O-Cap is nano coated and is designed to prevent dirt and wax entering the microphone inlet.

Your hearing aids must already have a microphone housing capable of accepting an O-Cap for you to be able to use this microphone protector.

If the O-Cap becomes blocked it is a very simple process to change.

Comes in a pack of 8, please select colour of O-Cap to match colour of your faceplate

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