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[OFFER] Hearing Aid Tubes - 15 for £10

£8.33 exc VAT

[OFFER] Hearing Aid Tubes – 15 for £10

(1 customer review)

£8.33 exc VAT

It is surprising how much the tubing can affect the sound quality – Purchase yours today!

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15 Hearing Aid Tubes for hearing aids. Keep on top of the health of your aids!

Order your Hearing Aid Tubes today and recieve them this week.

  1. Disconnect the hearing aid and the ear piece
  2. Clean the hearing aid (electronic part) with a dry tissue ensuring not to get it wet.
  3. It is very important to clean the earpiece in warm soapy water. For patients prone to infections a sterilising solution can be used. The earmould can be left to soak for around 30 minutes
  4. Remove the earpiece from the solution and rinse with clean water.
  5. It is very important to dry the tube through by either blowing through the tube or shaking the earpiece. Failure to dry the tubing will give the effect that the hearing aid is not working; this is due to the sound path been blocked. You can also purchase an “Earmould Puffer” from Castle Hill Hospital which can be used for drying the tubing.
  6. Once this has been done connect the earpiece back to the hearing aid.

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