PerfectClean Hearing Aid Cleaning System

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The Perfect Clean Hearing Aid Cleaning System has been designed to clean, sanitise and dry your hearing aids. Using the antibacterial refill solution, the pulsed air-drying system and the UV – C lamp it cleans and sanitises all parts of your hearing aid.

Brand : Perfect Clean

This product Includes : 1 x Perfect Clean Cleaning Device 1 x USB Cable 1 x Mains Adapter 1 x Instruction Manual

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It will remove built up ear wax, cleans the domes, wax guards and receivers leaving your hearing aids clean and bacteria free for your next wear. This cleaning device is not suitable for rechargeable hearing aids. You can use all other types of hearing aids, behind the ear, receiver in the canal and in the ear hearing aids.

The cleaning system uses an antibacterial refill solution that disinfects the hearing aids and removes the wax which is helped by the systems Vortex Power. It has three different processes to ensure your hearing aids are cleaned, disinfected and dry ready for when you need to next wear them.

A complete cleaning cycle is 90 minutes and the Perfect Clean device will automatically turn off when the cycle has completed so you can put your hearing aids inside overnight and they will be ready for you to wear the next morning.

It is recommended to use the Perfect Clean Hearing Aid Cleaning System every day.


Never use a substitute cleaning product for the anti – bacterial cleaning solution cartridge.

Always use on a flat stable surface.

Do not look at the UV- C lamp when in use.

Do not use detergent or corrosive products to clean the device.

Cleaning the hearing aid

The cleaning process is a 20-minute cycle. It uses the anti-bacterial solution to clean and remove built up wax from the hearing aid

Drying the hearing aid

The drying process is a 65-minute cycle. It has a ventilator driven pulsed air-drying system. The temperature is controlled at a safe 45 degrees causing no damage to your hearing aids.

UV – C disinfection

This process is a 5-minute cycle. Using a short-wave UV- C lamp to sanitise all surfaces it eliminates over 99% of all bacteria and fungi.

To use the Device

Plug in the Perfect Clean device using the mains plug included. A blue indicator light will illuminate to show it is powered. After 30 seconds of the device not being used the blue indicator light will turn off.

Before the first use completely fill the perfect clean using the anti-bacterial refill cleaning solution cartridge. To do this remove the refill tab and position the refill top down in the refill housing push the refill down until the caps are pierced and allow all the solution to empty from the refill.

Place your hearing aids into the spaces provided in the device and open the battery doors, batteries can remain in the hearing aids for the cleaning process. Close the cover on the device. The cycle will only start if the cover is closed.

Press the button and the indicator light will show pink to indicate the process has been acknowledged and then this will change to slow blue flashing indicator when the cleaning is in process. The device will automatically stop when the cleaning cycle has completed.

Maintaining the Perfect Clean – cleaning the filter:

  • Place the perfect clean on its front side to prevent any fluid from leaking.
  • Rotate the cap to the unlocked position.
  • Clean the filter with warm water by placing it under a running tap. If a more thorough clean is needed place it in a glass with warm water and a cleaning tablet for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
  • Replace the filter and turn the cap to the locked position.
  • Clean the Perfect Clean device with a soft cloth.


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  1. SUSAN C.

    Such a clever idea – just pop your hearing aids into the Perfectclean at night and they are sanitised, cleaned and dried – all ready to wear the next day!

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