PerfectClean Hearing Aid Cleaning System

£141.66 exc VAT

PerfectClean Hearing Aid Cleaning System

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£141.66 exc VAT

Simply set your hearing aids in the PerfectClean, and after 1 hour, they will be completely cleaned, disinfected and dried.

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This system works with a refill solution that disinfects and removes earwax.

When using your PerfectClean for the first time, the cartridge will last for 30 cycles, future refills will last for 45 cycles.

Not suitable for rechargeable hearing aids.

The PerfectClean is the first and only washing system for hearing aids in the world. The PerfectClean works with a patented Solution to breakdown and remove ear wax, while cleaning the wax guards, domes, and receivers. It is safe and suitable for use with every type of hearing aid. The PerfectClean first washes the hearing aid while removing ear wax. Then the second cycle is a forced heated air to dry the hearing aid and also remove any moisture from the patients ear. Finally a third cycle with our UV-C lamp is used to disinfect the rest of the ear mold to kill bacteria that did not come in contact with the solution.

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1 review for PerfectClean Hearing Aid Cleaning System

  1. SUSAN C.

    Such a clever idea – just pop your hearing aids into the Perfectclean at night and they are sanitised, cleaned and dried – all ready to wear the next day!

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