Dry & Store Global II

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Dry and Store Global II is a device used over night to store and care for your hearing device. It is suitable for all types of hearing device including hearing aids, cochlear implant hardware, microphones, headpieces and speech processors both ear level and body worn, noise or tinnitus maskers and in the ear monitors.

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This product uses heat, moving air and a desiccant that sanitizes and withdraws the moisture from the hearing device.

When in use the device runs on an 8-hour cycle before automatically turning itself off when the cycle has finished. The first ninety seconds of the cycle the device uses a germicidal lamp that produces ultraviolet UV -C wavelength that eliminate 99% of the bacteria most found in the ear canal.

Eliminating these bacteria reduces itching and the re-introduction of bacteria into the ear canal, therefore reducing the risk of infection and irritation in the ear canal for the hearing device user.

The UV- C lamp is safe to use on all types of hearing aids and different earmold plastics. 

Dry and Store Usage

The Dry and Store Global II is mains operated and has a simple on switch to operate it. There will be a blue and green indicator light that will illuminate when first switched on the blue light will turn off when the first cleaning cycle has finished and the green light will remain on for the duration of the eight hour drying process.

Inside it has two compartments when the lid is opened. There is a compartment for the Dry Brik and another next to it for the hearing device. Wipe any excess moisture from the hearing device before placing it into the Dry Store and open the battery compartments to allow for air circulation, the batteries can remain in the hearing device.

A complete cycle is 8 hours long if the device is opened before the cycle has ended then the time will reset itself. When the cycle has finished the hearing aids can remain in the device until they are ready to be worn again.

It is recommended that the Dry and Store Global II is used every night and by doing this it increases the performance and life of your hearing device and reduces the risk of infections and itchiness when wearing the hearing aids.

Heat Circulation

The drying process then continues after and is done by using heat and moving air to circulate around the hearing device. The device operates at a range of 36 to 40 degrees C It will also withdraw moisture and odour from the hearing device which is captured in the desiccant tablet called the Dry Brik (Which can be purchased from our store) .

Dry Brik Usage

The Dry Brik contains a sorbent material contained in a disposable package with a foil lid. The Dry Brik has an unopened shelf life of 12 months, when the foil seal is removed the Dry Brik will expire after two months. It is recommended it is changed after two months use in the Dry and Store device. Before you insert the Dry Brik write the date you remove the foil cover on the space provided as a reminder for when to dispose of it and replace with a new one.

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