Bellman Visit Flash Receiver

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The device uses radio signals to receive information from your transmitters and alert you if anything has been triggered. The Flash Receiver does so by emitting bright flashing lights, and the settings can be customised to distinguish between individual alerts.

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The Bellman Visit Flash Receiver –

If you have several transmitters for different triggers, your receiver can process this and ensure that the reason for the indication is evident. Therefore, you only need one receiver device to keep you connected to your space.

  • Flashing, multi-coloured LED lights therefore signals are clearly identified
  • Radio key allows reliable use even in close proximity to other Visit System devices
  • Wireless transmission with operating range of 200m
  • Customisable signals – individual alerts can be set so you are aware of the nature of the indication
  • Rotating flash head – can point the device in the required direction or turn it away if the flashing is too bright
  • Advanced programming available to provide additional options for those who require more specific signal patterns
  • Activation via radio signals from Visit System Transmitters or via direct connection to an analogue telephone socket
  • Can connect to a BE1270 Bellman Bed Shaker


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