Bellman Visit Baby Monitor Model: BE1491

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The Bellman and Symfon Baby monitor provides peace of mind for any parent with a hearing loss. Using the Bellman paging system, it detects your babies cry and alerts you to your child waking in the night. The device is fully portable and wireless meaning it can be used in different rooms across the house up to a 250-meter range.

Brand : Bellman

This product Includes : 1 x BE1491 Visit baby monitor 2 x 1.5 V AA alkaline batteries 1 x Pre-mounted table stand 1 x Screw and wall plug

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Using the baby monitor with the Bellman paging system you can choose how you want to be alerted to your child’s needs. The baby monitor can be adjusted to suit your own preferences.

It has three sensitivity settings meaning you can set the device for the required noise level produced before the device alerts you, it can also be set to only alert you after the sound has been detected for a certain length of time minimising false alarms.

House-wide Coverage

The Bellman system allows for up to four additional baby monitors each in a different location and each being able to provide a different alert sound.

The baby monitor can be placed on a surface close to the child’s cot or can be wall mounted with the screws and wall plugs supplied it is recommended that it is placed at a distance of 0.5 to 2 meters away from the child in either instance and always out of their reach.


Initial startup requires that the user removes the battery pull tab to start the device, after this it can be turned on and off by pressing both test buttons for three seconds.

To set up and test the baby monitor press both test buttons the green LED will light up to show a radio signal is being transmitted.

The orange LED will light up on the receiver to show the signal is being received and will start to sound, flash or vibrate depending on setting.

Sensitivity and Range

The sensitivity settings can be set at 65dB, 75dB or 85dB and a delay period of 1, 10 or 30 seconds. These settings are customised by you to suit your preference, full instructions are provided on how to do this.

The device covers up to a 250-meter range depending on the building characteristics and is recommended for indoor use only.



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