Widex COM-DEX Bluetooth Mobile Phone & Audio Streamer

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The Widex COM-DEX is a stylish, hands-free communication device which you can connect up to two mobile phones, and other Bluetooth devices.

The Com-Dex from Widex is a neck worn streaming device that allows users to transmit high-quality sound from any Bluetooth device directly to their Widex hearing aids, as well as personalise their sound via the Com-Dex mobile app. It can also be used in conjunction with the Com-Dex Remote Microphone (sold separately) to better 1:1 listening experiences in extra noisy environments.

Answer calls, listen to music and control the volume of your Widex hearing aids. It’s up to you.
Brand : Widex

Includes : 1 x Widex Com-Dex with Fabric Loop, 1 x USB Charging Cable, 1x User Guide

Available in three colour options : Champagne Silver, Anthracite Grey and Emerald Green.


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Improve your everyday calling and media listening experience with this stylish hands-free streaming device. Designed with a neck loop for ultimate convenience and true hands-free functionality, the Com-Dex will transform your Widex hearing aids into your very own set of wireless headphones. Enjoy the sound of your conversation partners voice directly into hearing aids at the simple press of one button. Your voice will be transmitted seamlessly back to them via the microphone on the Com-Dex around your neck.

What the Com-Dex can connect to:

The Com-Dex allows hearing aid wearers to connect to up to two mobile phones at any time, or another device with Bluetooth connectivity. This offers hands-free phone functionality and audio streaming whether you choose music or audio books. Sound quality is enhanced by direct streaming. You can also stream the sound from any audio outputting app on your phone so you can watch films and listen to music or podcasts with clarity. Download the Com-Dex app to use your phone as a remote control to make adjustments to the hearing aid volume.

The device is worn around the neck, using a wireless connection to the hearing aids. This allows the user to answer phone calls at the push of a button.

The Com-Dex Remote Microphone is an accessory add-on (sold separately) which turns the Com-Dex into a solution for those challenging listening environments like restaurants or cafes. The Com-Dex Remote Microphone is worn by your 1:1 conversion partner and their voice will be transmitted back to your hearing aids via the Com-Dex – improving the signal-to-noise ratio, and therefore aiding better speech discrimination above the background noise.

widex com dex mic

Using the Com-Dex:

Before use, the Com-Dex must be paired to both your hearing aids and your mobile phone. Both are simple processes with clear instructions in the manual provided. You only need to pair once, then the connection should be automatic when the devices are switched on and in range of one another.

The device is charged by a micro-USB charging cable. The LED lights will show red while charging and green when fully charged. Expected use time from a full charge is 8 hours of streaming or 8 days on standby. The device can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Hearing Aid Compatibility:

Widex Com-Dex is compatible with the following Widex hearing aids:

  • Evoke**
  • Beyond/Beoynd Z
  • Unique**
  • Dream **
  • Super

**except for CIC micro devices

Connecting to devices: The Widex Com-Dex can be paired up to eight different Bluetooth devices, using firmware 1.0.10, or two devices if its firmware 1.2.0 or later. The user can only stream one phone call, or one audio device at a time.

If your hearing aid is not mentioned please get in touch with one of our members of staff and we can help to find the correct compatible device for you.


  • Stylish in appearance
  • Streams calls and audio effortlessly from Bluetooth and other Com-Dex devices
  • Generous 8 hour wireless streaming usage time
  • Push Button to simply accept and end calls
  • Room Off Button
  • LED Light
  • Microphone
  • Neck Loop
  • Micro USB
  • Can be used to make sound adjustments via the free Com-Dex mobile app
  • Available in three colours for a more personalised accessory. Anthracite Grey, Emerald Green or Champagne Silver.

Product Specifications:

Com-Dex Unit: 70mm x 19mm x 7mm. Weight including neckloop: 17g

Neckloop Legnth: approx 75 cm


Additional information

Weight166 g
Dimensions13 × 13 × 13 cm

Champagne Silver, Anthracite Grey, Emerald Green

8 reviews for Widex COM-DEX Bluetooth Mobile Phone & Audio Streamer

  1. John (verified owner)

    Nice prompt service thanks

  2. Frank Bozikovich

    excellent especially your associate that helped me

  3. Trevor Uttley (verified owner)

    Great service

  4. Wolfgang Crain (verified owner)

    Funktioniert gut in Verbindung mit dem Handy und mit anderen externen Bluetoothquellen.

  5. Kevin B. (verified owner)

    Ordered This as a replacement for one That i already have Way cheaper than ordering from hear even with shipping i still saved 59,26 pound sterling.
    Super fast shipping I Live in Québec Canada i Ordered the 4/12/2020 and it Arrived the 11/12/2020

  6. Debbie Zach (verified owner)

  7. Kenneth Bradley (verified owner)

    Got our package quickly however didn’t know since we weren’t sent tracking. Everything was great.

  8. Michael D. (verified owner)

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