Macks Dreamweaver Sleep Mask with Ear Plugs


Switch off your senses with Mack’s Dreamweaver Sleep Mask & Ear Plugs – ideal for travel, daytime naps or even masking out light and noise as you drift off to sleep.

Brand: Mack’s

This product includes: 1x sleep mask, 1x pair of soft foam earplugs, 1x fabric pouch

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Mack’s has provided the ultimate travel package with the Dreamweaver Sleep Mask, pair of soft foam earplugs and fabric travel pouch.

The Sleep Mask has a contoured design to prevent it from resting on your eyelids or smudging any makeup and is made from a silky smooth material for optimum comfort.

Included in the box:

  • Mack’s Sleep Mask
  • Soft foam earplugs
  • Fabric pouch


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