Bellman & Symfon Visit Smoke Alarm Transmitter – with Optical Heat Sensor B1481

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Part of the Visit home system created by Bellman & Symfon to help secure your home.

Discovers smoke and smouldering fire early, and notifies your chosen Bellman Visit receiver, helping keep you safe at all times! Covers up to a 200m (656 feet) range from your receiver.

Also features a thermal sensor when the temperature rises suddenly in your home.

Brand: Bellman & Symfon

Includes: x1 Visit smoke alarm, x2 1.5 V AA alkaline batteries, x2 Screw with wall plug, x1 Mounting Plate and User Manual.


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The Smoke Alarm Transmitter is designed to alert you by activating the Bellman Visit receivers placed in your home. It also features an optical smoke and thermal detection which emits sound at a minimum of 85 dB(A). This allows you to help keep safe at all times. What’s more, it also helps discover smoke and smouldering fire early and covers up to a 200m (656 feet) range from your receiver.

Simply install the transmitter onto your ceiling. Then, when smoke and smouldering fire is detected, this activates the Smoke Alarm Transmitter immediately and sends an alert to your chosen Bellman Receivers. Also features a thermal sensor when the temperature suddenly rises in your home.

Suitable with the following Bellman Receivers, sold separately:

  • Portable receiver
  • Flash receiver
  • Pager receiver charger
  • Wrist receiver
  • Alarm Clock Receiver

There is also a Broadcast setting if you own multiple Visit receivers. For instance, if you want the smoke alarm signal to be transmitted to all Visit receivers within radio range, you can activate broadcast mode. Do note, however, that this will override the radio key settings.

How to use:

Bellman & Symfom products are designed to work straight out of the box, with easy pairing to your other Bellman & Symfon products.

When the Transmitter activates your receiver, the following alerts occur:

  • The LED on the transmitter lights up in red to show that it is signalling the receiver.
  • The Visit LED on the receiver lights up in red and it starts to sound, flash or vibrate with a certain pace, called a signal pattern. The transmitter and the connected accessories determine the signal pattern.

Types of signal patterns:

LED Red Light Signals

Fire Alarm Sound Signals

Long Vibration Signals


  • Early detection of smoke and smouldering fire
  • Sleek Design
  • LED Lights
  • Suitable for all Bellman Receivers
  • Battery Operated
  • Screws included
  • Test Buttons
  • Radio Key Settings
  • Coverage: up 250 meters, 273 yards
  • Operation time = Minimum 5 years
  • Smoke detector sensitivity: 0.115 – 0.168 dB/m
  • Thermal sensor Heat sensitivity: 54°–70 °C, 129°–158° F
  • Meets EN14604:2005 and AC:2008 Regulations

What’s included:

  • x1 Visit smoke alarm
  • x2 1.5 V AA alkaline batteries
  • x2 Screw with wall plug
  • x1 Mounting Plate
  • User Manual

Product Specifications:

Diameter: 120 mm, Depth: 37 mm
Weight: 165 g, incl. batteries

Additional information

Weight415 g
Dimensions18 × 13 × 13 cm


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