WIDEX Hearing Aid Domes

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WIDEX hearing aid domes are designed to help keep your hearing aid devices cleaner, better sanitized and in overall better condition. With these domes, you can be sure to get the most out of your WIDEX hearing aid for longer. Available in 4 different styles and between 2-3 sizing options.

Note: Only for use with WIDEX receiver-in-the-canal hearing aids.

Brand: WIDEX

Includes: 10 x of selected WIDEX Hearing Aid Domes

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It is highly advised to change your hearing aid domes often to reduce wear and tear. How often you change them can vary from a single month to an entire year dependant on your personal wax build-up and usage. More regular changes can help avoid the build-up of wax and debris in your hearing aid receiver and keep things fully functional for extended periods of time.

Widex Hearing Aid Domes (Sold in a pack of 10) can be placed on any strength of Widex stock receiver you have, either standard, medium or power. If you have a custom tip receiver, you will be unable to use domes.

Although it is always best to check with your hearing aid provider which size and style you have, we can also help you identify what you need.

Send a photo of your hearing aid with its current dome to [email protected] and we’ll be able to tell you what suits your hearing aids best.

DISCLAIMER: We are more than happy to help identify which dome you need, however, do note that all hearing aid domes are strictly NON-RETURNABLE if worn for hygiene reasons. You must ensure that you are aware of your dome type and size before purchasing for this reason.

Using and Changing Your Hearing Aid Domes

Available styles:

  • Open – available in extra small, small or large. A rounded style with holes that allow for natural sound to pass into the ear canal, they are usually opted for when low-frequency hearing is sufficient but high frequencies are down.

X Small 5mm, Small 7mm, Large 10mm

  • Round (one vent or two vents) – available in small, medium, and large. Sometimes referred to as ‘closed’ domes. They feature a bud shaped style with tiny openings for ventilation, usually opted for moderate hearing loss.

Small 8mm, Medium 10mm, Large 12mm

  • Double – available in extra small, small, medium or large. A bell-shaped style with double skirts for a better seal of sound. Usually opted for by those with moderate to severe hearing loss.

X small 6mm, Small 10mm, Medium 11mm, Large 13mm

  • Tulip – available in medium or large. These domes have two overlapping petals, rather than a full skirt which can make for a better fit in tall and narrow canals.
    Each style has a loop over the sound opening to stop wax build-up and blockage of sound.

Medium = 8mm, Large = 10mm

Widex Hearing Aid Domes


Suitable for WIDEX receiver-in-the-canal hearing aids only.

What’s in the box:

10x selected WIDEX Hearing Aid Domes

Key Features:

  • A range of sizes to cover each type of ear
  • A broad selection of styles to suit your needs
  • Help keep your hearing aids dirt and wax-free
  • Easy to remove and replace




Additional information

Weight20 g
Dimensions20 × 15 × 2.5 cm

Double, Tulip, Open, Round 1 Vent, Round 2 Vent


Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large

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    Hi Mary. Thank you for your review. On our product description we did include each dome diameter in mm’s. We do recommend popping to see, or contacting, your audiologist if you feel you need a different dome to ensure you choose the correct type and size suitable for your hearing loss. Regards Joy, Hearing Aid Accessories

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    Is there no Widex supply vendor in the US? Shipping from UK is kinda costly…

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    Purchased large tulip domes. They are slightly smaller than the domes I have and am concerned that they might come out too easily.

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    Quality; good on price.

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