GN Resound One Hearing Aid Domes


The NEW GN Resound Hearing Aid Domes are suitable for GN ReSound ONE Hearing Aids. Made from silicone material which makes for a comfortable fit and using hypoallergenic materials.

Available in Power, Open, Closed & Tulip in a variety of sizes to suit you.

Brand : GN ReSound

Includes : Pack of 10 domes

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These SureFit 3 domes are the only suitable domes for GN Resound One hearing aids.

Please take care when ordering that you know what size and type of dome you require. If in doubt please ask our advice or alternatively the company that supplied your hearing aids.

There are many different types of domes available for GN ReSound hearing aids, RIE Domes, Thin Tube Domes SureFit & SureFit 3 Domes. The type of dome you need to order depends on the type of hearing aid wire or tube that sits in your ear canal.

PLEASE NOTE: We are more than happy to help identify which dome you need if you are unsure, but please note domes are NON RETURNABLE when they have been opened due to health & hygiene purposes. Please be sure on your dome type, and size, before purchasing to avoid disappointment.

ReSound domes can be used with ReSound receiver wires or ReSound thin tubes.


Open dome: Most open fitting dome for less occlusion.

Closed dome: More occluding fit with high level of patient acceptance.

Power dome: For customers who need more power than MP receiver, but would like a smaller option than UP mold.

Tulip dome: Allows for more usable gain than the open dome without creating occlusion. A simple choice for demos due to one size option.


SMALL = 5mm

MEDIUM = 8mm

LARGE = 10mm

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How to change your hearing aid domes

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Closed, Open, Power, Tulip


Small, Medium, Large, One Size


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