Audinell – Natural Lubricant 15ml


Experience comfort and care with Audinell Natural Lubricant. Made from 100% natural sweet almond oil, it ensures ease of use and protects your ears from dryness and irritation associated with hearing aid wear.

Brand: Audinell

What’s Included: 1 x 15ml Lubricant

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Introducing Biogliss, the remarkable 100% natural almond oil lubricant that offers a dual advantage for hearing aid users. Simplify the insertion of your hearing instruments while ensuring optimal ear health with this innovative product. Crafted from sweet almond oil, Biogliss not only enhances comfort during insertion but also safeguards your ears from potential dryness and irritations that can arise from extended hearing aid use.

How to Use:

Using Audinell Natural Lubricant is simple and beneficial. Apply a small amount of the lubricant onto the surface of your hearing instruments or directly onto your ear. This ensures smooth and comfortable insertion, reducing any discomfort that might arise from friction.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Comfort: Biogliss makes the insertion of hearing instruments easier and more comfortable, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
  • Ear Health Support: Crafted from 100% natural sweet almond oil, this lubricant takes care of your ear health by preventing dryness and potential irritations associated with prolonged hearing aid usage.
  • User-Friendly Solution: Perfect for first-time users and individuals with limited finger mobility, Biogliss ensures smooth and easy insertion of hearing aids.
  • Natural Formulation: With its natural sweet almond oil composition, this lubricant is gentle on your skin and provides a holistic approach to hearing aid comfort.

What’s Included:

1 x 15ml Lubricant

Product Specifications:

Volume: 15ml

Composition: 100% natural sweet almond oil

Additional information

Weight46 g
Dimensions3 × 3 × 7 cm