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Experience effortless and effective hearing aid hygiene with Audinell Cleaning Wipes. Keep your devices clean and ready for action wherever you go.

Brand: Audinell

Included: 30 x Cleaning Wipes

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Elevate your hearing aid care regimen with Audinell Cleaning Wipes, the ultimate on-the-go cleaning solution. These individually packaged wipes have been meticulously crafted to provide convenience and efficiency in maintaining your hearing aids. Ideal for travel and compliant with aviation regulations, these wipes feature a powerful surface-active agent that effortlessly tackles earwax buildup, ensuring your hearing devices remain pristine.

How to Use:

Using Audinell Cleaning Wipes is a breeze. Take out a single wipe from its convenient individual packaging. Gently and thoroughly clean the surfaces of your hearing aid and ear mould. Dispose of the wipe after use for hassle-free maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Travel-Friendly Convenience: Individually packaged cleaning wipes make it easy to maintain your hearing aids while on the go, ensuring their optimal performance during your travels.
  • Effective Earwax Dissolution: Each wipe is filled with a specialised solution designed to efficiently dissolve earwax buildup without compromising the integrity of your hearing aid.
  • Recommended Daily Cleaning: Incorporating these wipes into your daily routine ensures that your hearing aids and ear moulds remain clean and in top condition for extended use.
  • Gentle and Effective: The antimicrobial components in the wipe’s formulation are highly effective against earwax while remaining gentle on plastics and resins, preserving the quality of your devices.

What’s Included:

30 x Cleaning Wipes

Product Specifications:

Quantity: 30 individually packaged wipes

Usage: Designed for single use, ensuring hassle-free and hygienic cleaning

Additional information

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