Phonak B-R Belong Power Pack

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The Phonak power pack is easily attached to the bottom of your Phonak hearing aid Charger Case RIC for on the go charging. The small powerpack can be recharged and reused to offer one pair of hearing aids 7 full charges.

Brand : Phonak

This product Includes : 1 x Phonak B-R Belong Power Pack 1 x Mini USB Cable for Charging 1 x Instructions

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The compact power pack is compatible with the Phonak Charger Case RIC only, available separately, and designed for the Belong range of Phonak hearing aids.

The power pack is a handy add on to your charging case if you are going to be somewhere where you may not have access to any electrical charging point, if you are going away on a weekend break or if you’ve forgot your power cable.


The Power Pack contains a Li-Polymer battery that will need to be charged before first used. To do this clip it to the bottom of your Phonak Charger Case and it will charge as you charge your hearing aids in the charger case.

A full charge will take 3 hours, this will then provide 7 on the go full charges for a pair of Phonak rechargeable hearing aids. To check the life of your power pack you can press the battery check push button on the back of the power pack.

A fully charged Power Pack can offer on the go charging for up to 7 days.

Compatible Products

  • Belong range of rechargeable hearing aids. B50, B70, B90
  • Phonak Charger Case RIC
  • also compatible with the Phonak Combi Charger Case


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