Connexx Smart Li-ion Power Charger – Specsavers Advance 18, 319, 219 Series


This sleek, modern gadget boasts two main functions that it can run simultaneously: extra-fast charging and ventilation of your hearing aid devices. What’s more, the Smart Li-ion Power charger will automatically turn the hearing aids off as soon as they are placed inside. After 4 hours charging, your devices will be completely charged and ready to wear.

What’s In The Box: Smart Li-ion Power Charger, Micro USB Cable, UK-Standard USB to Mains Plug, Instruction Manual

Brand: Connexx (Sivantos)


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The Connexx Smart Li-ion Power charger is among the best charger in the Connexx portfolio courtesy of its understated, stripped-down design, smart features and impressive charging speed.

Charging Your Aids:

Charging is made simple by plugging the charger into a power supply and placing both your hearing devices into the slots of the charger unit.

During charging your aids are automatically switched off, when you remove the aids after charging is complete the aid will automatically switch back on again.

LED light indicators support the charging confirmations and also provide you with a charging level status.

  • Single Orange LED Lights = 0-33% charging status
  • Two Orange LED Lights = 34%-66% charging status
  • Three Orange LED Lights = 67%-99% charging status
  • Three Green LED lights = Fully charged status

The charger also features a self-cooling phase which takes place automatically once you removed your aids after charging.

How long does charging take?

  • A full charging cycle = approx. 4 hours
  • After 30 minutes it is possible to use your aids for up to 7 hours.


The Smart Li-ion Power charger is compatible with selected Signia & Specsavers rechargeable hearing devices such as:

  • Specsavers Advance 18 Series
  • Specsavers Advance 319
  • Specsavers Advance 219

If your hearing device is not mentioned please feel free to contact our expert customer service team who can support in finding the correct compatible device for you.

Key Features:

  • Fast Charging
  • Ventilated Aid Slot
  • Automatic Power Management
  • Sleek Portable Design
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Ideal for Travel Use
  • LED Light Indicators

What’s In The Box:

x1 Smart Li-ion Power Charger, x1 Micro USB Cable, x1  USB to Mains Plug & x1 Instruction Manual

NOTE for International Orders : The power supply included is a UK 3-pin plug, however, we will include a power plug for your region. Please ensure you check regional power supply voltage prior to use. (Power adapter subject to stock availability)

Product Specification:

Dimension: 75mm x 55mm x 20mm

Weight: 51g

Colour: Grey & Black


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