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phonak tv connector

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How can I hear TV without disturbing others?

Do you find that when you’re watching TV you have to keep the volume really high in order to hear? Is this making watching TV with family and friends awkward?

If you said yes,  the Phonak TV Connector is just what you need so that you can listen to TV at a comfortable volume whilst other watchers listen at their preferred volume; everyone can be happy.

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If you’re struggling to hear the TV, the Phonak TV Connector is ideal as it allows you to stream audio from your TV or alternative audio device directly to your hearing aids. No neck loop is required as it connects wirelessly.


  • Easy to install
  • Automatic hearing aid pairing
  • It can connect to laptops and PCs as well as TVs
  • It’s wireless, requiring no need for a neck loop
  • Others can watch the television at their preferred volume alongside the user
  • After the initial connection, the TV Connector will connect again automatically
  • 15 meter range
  • USB charging

Watching TV with your family is a nice way of spending quality time together but can also be a struggle if you have impaired hearing. It’s often a struggle to listen at a volume that’s suitable for everyone, making what should be a nice moment together quite uncomfortable. Phonak’s TV Connector can help solve this issue as it lets you listen at a volume that suits your needs whilst your family or friends can watch with you but at their own preferred volume.

Compatible with Phonak Marvel and Paradise hearing aids

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