Hearing Aid Troubleshooting: Solutions with Accessories

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As a hearing aid user, you may encounter common challenges that can impact the performance of your hearing aids, such as feedback, wax build-up, wind noise, and moisture. These issues can affect your overall hearing experience and quality of life. The good news is that hearing aid accessories can play a crucial role in addressing these challenges and improving the performance of your hearing aids. In this blog post, we will explore common hearing aid issues and how accessories can provide practical solutions for troubleshooting these challenges. Let’s dive in!

Feedback (Whistling)

Feedback, which is the whistling sound that can occur when the hearing aid microphone picks up its own amplified sound, is a common issue for hearing aid users. It can be caused by factors such as an improper fit, excess earwax, or hearing aid settings. However, hearing aid accessories can help mitigate feedback and improve the performance of your hearing aids.

One effective accessory to tackle feedback is special hearing aid tips, such as vented tips or double domes. Vented tips allow for better airflow and can help equalize pressure in the ear canal, which can minimize feedback. Double domes, on the other hand, create a seal that can prevent sound from escaping and feeding back into the microphone.

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Phonak Unitron Smokey Dome

Wax Build-up

Wax build-up in the earmold or hearing aid receiver can significantly impact the performance of your hearing aids. It can cause reduced sound quality, distorted sound, or even complete blockage of sound. However, hearing aid accessories can provide effective solutions for managing wax build-up and ensuring optimal hearing aid performance.

Wax guards are a popular accessory for managing wax build-up. These small filters are designed to prevent wax from entering the hearing aid receiver or earmold while allowing sound to pass through. They are easy to replace and can be an effective barrier against wax accumulation, keeping your hearing aids clean and clear.

Another option is wax removal tools, such as brushes or loops, which can help you clean the wax out of your hearing aids. These tools are designed to safely remove wax from the earmold, receiver, or other parts of the hearing aid without causing damage. Regular cleaning with wax removal tools can help prevent wax build-up and maintain the performance of your hearing aids.

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signia waxguards

Hearing Aid Discomfort or Dislodgement

One common challenge faced by hearing aid users is the issue of hearing aids slipping out of place. This can happen due to various factors such as movement, talking, or even changes in temperature or humidity. However, there are hearing aid accessories that can help address this issue and ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

One popular accessory for keeping hearing aids in place is a retention clip. These small clips or tethers can be attached to the hearing aid and then secured to clothing, hair, or other parts of the body to prevent the hearing aids from falling or slipping out of the ears. Retention clips are particularly useful during physical activities or in situations where there is a higher chance of hearing aids getting dislodged.

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Moisture and Sweat

Moisture and sweat can pose challenges for hearing aid users, as excessive moisture can impact the performance and longevity of hearing aids. Whether it’s from sweating during physical activities or from high humidity environments, moisture can cause issues such as reduced battery life, muffled sound quality, or even complete malfunction of the hearing aids.

To address this issue, there are hearing aid accessories specifically designed to protect against moisture and sweat. One effective solution is to use hearing aid drying kits or dehumidifiers. These devices typically use gentle heat or desiccant beads to effectively remove moisture from the hearing aids, keeping them dry and preventing damage from moisture-related issues. Regularly placing your hearing aids in a drying kit or dehumidifier overnight can help remove any accumulated moisture and keep them dry and functional.

Another option is to use waterproof cases for your hearing aids. These cases are typically made from water-resistant materials and provide a protective barrier against moisture and sweat. When not in use, you can store your hearing aids in these cases to keep them safe from moisture-related damage.

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hearing aid portable dryer shown closed up


Hearing aids can face common challenges like feedback, wax build-up, discomfort and slipping out of place, as well as moisture and sweat. Thankfully, hearing aid accessories can help address these issues and ensure optimal performance.

To overcome these challenges, click the button below and browse our shop for a wide range of hearing aid accessories, including feedback reduction devices, wax guards, retention clips, drying kits, dehumidifiers, and waterproof cases. Remember to consult with your hearing healthcare professional if you have any concerns and follow proper cleaning and maintenance instructions to keep your hearing aids in top condition.

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