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April 25, 2019 Swim Plugs

Have You Thought About Swim Plugs?

Sun cream  ✓  Flip Flops  ✓  Sun glasses  ✓ Swim Plugs ???

After the beautiful Easter bank holiday weekend we’ve just had it is time to start getting ready for summer!

Swim plugs are the ideal addition to your summer essentials to keep your ears protected from water that may enter the ear canal when swimming or taking part in water sports. Ideal especially when using shared swimming baths.

Custom made swim plugs offer the best water protection for your ears whilst swimming. Made from a durable soft silicone meaning they are hard wearing and comfortable in your ear, and also float on water!

The benefits of wearing earplugs include protection from ear infections and irritations particularly if you suffer from a perforated ear drum.

Swim plugs are used to prevent water entering the ear canal during swimming or other water sports.

At Hear4U we will take impressions of your ears so that the ear plugs are the best possible fit, bespoke made for you!

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