Alpine SleepDeep Earplugs


Alpine SleepDeep earplugs are specially designed, oval-shaped accessories that are made to give you the best night’s sleep possible. Complete with a noise-reducing gel and ideal for side sleepers, the SleepDeep has noise reduction like nothing else on the market.

What’s more, they come with a small and convenient carry case, making them perfect for travelling abroad or staying at a hotel.

Brand: Alpine

Includes: 2 x SleepDeep Earplugs, 1 x Compact carry case

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The Alpine SleepDeep is one of the latest products to launch from Alpine Hearing Protection and is made for those who really struggle to sleep with excessive background noise. Whether it’s a loudly snoring partner, a busy road or noisy neighbours, the SleepDeep is perfect for you!

Alpine SleepDeep are made with a very soft, silicone-free thermoplastic material: AlpineThermoShape. Thanks to this, the earplugs form to the shape of your ear canal perfectly, ensuring that the earplugs do not fall out overnight. In addition, the AlpineThermoShape material is hypoallergenic, reducing the risk of allergic reactions or annoying itches.

What’s more, inside the SleepDeep earplugs is a specialised noise reduction gel that will block out noises up to a staggering 35.7dB!

How to Use:

Simply place the plugs inside your ears whenever you choose to use them. For assembly instructions, please refer to the instruction manual included.

Cleaning and lifespan

The lifespan of the product depends on how frequently the SleepDeep Earplugs are used, however, they can last up to 100 times. Keeping the earplugs clean will extend the lifespan and you can easily clean them with lukewarm water and soap.

Key Features:

  • Oval-shaped and optimised for side sleepers
  • Don’t fall out overnight
  • Contains noise reduction gel
  • Maximum night noise reduction
  • Includes a compact carry case
  • Easy to maintain
  • Can be used up to 100 times

Product Specifications

Weight: 0.03kg

Dimensions: 12×8.2×2 cm

Additional information

Weight0.3 g
Dimensions120 × 82 × 20 cm


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