Alpine MotoSafe Pro Earplug Set


The Alpine MotoSafe Pro set features two different packs of earplug: the MotoSafe Tour Earplugs and MotoSafe Race Earplugs.

These offer both medium and high levels of sound protection, and are great for different situations. The MotoSafe Tour is perfect for tours, holidays and on the motorway. Meanwhile the MotoSafe Race is better suited to track days, circuits or when riding with an open helmet.

This means that you get the best of both worlds, suitable for every type of situation!

Brand: Alpine

Includes: 4x universal thermoplastic hearing protectors, 4x acoustic soft filter, Alpine Cleaner, handy zip-up travel bag

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The MotoSafe Pro is the complete package for motorcyclists: it includes both the MotoSafe Tour and MotoSafe Race sets of earplugs. Both sets are made from specialized AlpineThermoShape material for maximum comfort, and still allow the wearer to hear their motorcycle, other traffic and navigation systems.

MotoSafe Tour: 

These durable and flexible medium-attenuation earplugs are specially designed for use when touring, on holiday getaways and on the motorway.

MotoSafe Race: 

The ideal track companion, these heavy-attenuation earplugs are suited for more noise-intense situations, such as track days, open-helmet riding and for busy motorways.

How to Use:

Simply place the plugs inside your ears whenever you choose to use them.

Alpine MotoSafe Pro features a unique “red” or “black” coloured removal aid for easy insertion and removal.

For assembly instructions, please refer to the instruction manual included.

Key Features:

  • Perfect fit due to ultra-soft AlpineThermoShape™ materials
  • Handy storage bag that can attach to a keyring
  • All-new Minigrip for easier removal
  • Ideal for every type of motorcycle journey
  • Alpine Cleaner allows you to easily clean the earplugs
  • Great for use throughout your trip
  • Small and discreet
  • Unique design allows you to still hear engine noise, traffic, navigation and intercom
  • Silicone-free
  • Reusable, tough and durable

What’s in the box?

  • 4x universal thermoplastic hearing protectors
  • 4x acoustic soft filter
  • Handy keyring-attachable storage bag

Product Specifications:

Approx. earplug diameter: 9-12 mm

MotoSafe Tour:

Single Number Rating (SNR) i.e. amount of noise reduction =17

Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) =14.4 – 20.1

MotoSafe Race:

Single Number Rating SNR = 20

Noise Reduction Rating NRR = 17.6 – 24.4


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