Oticon MiniFit Bass Hearing Aid Domes for More & Alpha Hearing Aids


Oticon MiniFit Bass Hearing Aid Domes are designed to cover your hearing aid receivers and fit snugly inside your ear.

These hearing aid domes come in various different sizes. Each is measured by the widest point, the base, in millimetres. Types of dome include:

  • OpenBass
  • PowerBass
  • DoubleBass

If you are unsure which size or type you require please check with your hearing care provider.

Please note that 5mm is available in Open only 

Brand: Oticon

This product includes: 10 x Oticon Minifit Bass Hearing Aid Domes

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The Oticon MiniFit hearing aid domes fit newer Oticon Receiver-in-the-Ear (RITE) hearing aids such as Oticon More & Alpha. See below for a full list of compatible options.

The Minifit Bass domes do have some structural differences compared to the Oticon Minifit Hearing Aid domes. They have been developed with new technology in mind so that you can continue to get the best out of them.

How to Use:

It is recommended that hearing aid domes are changed on a regular basis.  This can be around every two to three months depending on use. They should also be cleaned daily.

The domes are supplied in a blister pack of ten domes or five pairs of replacement domes. These are easily changed by removing the old one and replacing it with the new one from the packet.

Make sure it is firmly in place after swapping.

how to fit oticon domes


Oticon MiniFit Bass are suitable for the following hearing aid types:

  • Alpha
  • Opn S
  • More

Furthermore, do note that these domes can still be used with select older Oticon, Viron and Bernafon models prior to More and Alpha respectively.

PLEASE NOTE: We are more than happy to help identify which domes you need if you are unsure. However, please note domes are NON-RETURNABLE once opened for health and hygiene reasons.

Please be sure of your dome type and size before purchasing to avoid disappointment.

Information on additional Oticon dome types and their compatibility will be provided in the following weeks.

What’s in the box?

10x Oticon Minifit Bass Hearing Aid Domes of chosen size.

Product Specifications:

MiniFit Bass Dome sizes:

  • 5mm = OpenBass only
  • 6mm = OpenBass, PowerBass & DoubleBass
  • 8mm = OpenBass, PowerBass & DoubleBass
  • 10mm = OpenBass, PowerBass & DoubleBass
  • 12mm = OpenBass, PowerBass & DoubleBass


Additional information

Weight19 g
Dimensions20 × 15 × 2.5 cm

OpenBass, DoubleBass, PowerBass


5 (for Open Domes Only), 6, 8, 10, 12


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