SleepPhones Effortless® Bluetooth Sleeping Headphones with Wireless Induction Charging

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This newest product in the SleepPhones range offers easy wireless charging coupled with Bluetooth technology. The SleepPhones Effortless® allows for luxurious comfort whilst listening to your choice of audio: helping you fall asleep, stay asleep, and relieve your tinnitus.

Available in either Breeze or Fleece fabric to suit your environment, and in 3 sizes to suit you!

Includes: x1 SleepPhones Headband, x1 Tin Travel Case, x1 Headphone module, x1 USB Charger Cable & Power Supply Plug, x1 Charging Station and x1 User Guide.


SleepPhones Effortless® provides the same amazing quality as the SleepPhones Wireless as well as offering the extra ease of charging with its impressive in-built technology. Simply place the headband on your provided charging station to begin charging.

SleepPhones were the very first on the market to offer high quality, bed-friendly headphones. SleepPhones Effortless® features superior sound quality with eco-friendly lead-free electronics. Also included is a lightweight tin travel case to keep your headband and charger station tidy and protected.

The Headband:

The headband material is thin and soft, and the high-quality flat speakers sit snugly inside the cosy headband. Unlike regular headphones, SleepPhones Effortless® do not dig into your head whilst you sleep. Not only can you listen to your favourite music, but you can also listen to your choice of audiobook, white noise or meditation sound.

SleepPhones Effortless® has built in Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect you to a compatible Bluetooth device such as a mobile phone, MP3 player, iPod and more. The headband is also machine washable, simply remove the speakers through the Velcro opening before washing.

Fabric Options:

Made from SheepCloud fabric and woven from a luxurious fleece material for the most comfortable fit during each use.

  • Fleece headband: Super soft, luxurious, and warm. Ideal for sleeping, relaxing, meditating, and everyday use. (95% polyester, 5% spandex)
  • Breeze headband: Breathable and moisture-wicking. Ideal for running and exercising. Preferred by hot sleepers and those who live in warm climates. (95% polyester, 5% spandex)

Size Options:

To find out which size you need, measure around the forehead, just above the ears, and around the hair in the back. If your measurement falls on a size cut off guideline, we recommend that you order the smaller size as there is a bit of stretch in the fleece material.

  • Small: 51-54cm (20-21 inches)
  • Medium: 55-59cm (21-23 inches)
  • Large 60-63cm (23-24 inches)

Wireless Charging:

SleepPhones Effortless® has been designed with ease in mind: no longer are you required to find the wire, or plug in your device to charge – simply place your SleepPhones module on the station and charge away.

Psst… don’t even need to remove the module from your headband!

Please note the charging base included with your SleepPhones Effortless® cannot be used with previously purchased SleepPhones Wireless products.

SleepPhones offer a 12-month warranty on their products giving you extra piece of mind. Please see your user guide for more information.


  • Stream audio wirelessly via Bluetooth® technology
  • Wireless charging to help keep your modules in place
  • Fall asleep faster, stay asleep for longer and wake up feeling refreshed.
  • Reduce ambient noise, conversations, traffic sounds and snoring
  • No need for painful ear buds
  • Relieves tinnitus by allowing you to connect to your choice of soothing sounds or calming music
  • Relieves stress and helps to reduce noise by listening to your favourite music, calming meditation sounds, radio, audiobooks, and more!


  • Easy pairing with most Bluetooth® compatible devices (Bluetooth®: 4.0 A2DP)
  • Wireless Range: 15-30 feet (5-10 metres)
  • 8-10 Hours of battery life when fully charged
  • Wireless charging & LED indicators
  • Charging Time: up to 3 hours
  • Built-in volume and play/pause controls
  • Superior sound quality
  • Removable speakers in a hypoallergenic, machine washable headband
  • Pre-shrunk and non-piling


x1 SleepPhones Headband, x1 Tin Travel Case, x1 Headphone module, x1 USB Charger Cable & Power Supply Plug, x1 Charging Station and x1 User Guide.

Additional information

Fabric Colour

Pitch Black (Breeze), Soft Grey (Fleece)


Small, Medium, Large


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